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Hi from Puerto Penasco

Pickle LawLike Murphy’s Law, the Pickle Law holds true in the motor home. Sometimes I call it the Curse of the Pickle. All I know is that no matter how tight the lid is on the pickle jar or how safe it is tucked away in the fridge by day two of a road trip there will be pickle juice everywhere. Such a lovely smell every time the fridge is opened. And it is almost as hard to clean up as a spill of prime rib au jus. OK, the au jus was harder to clean but the smell was not as bad.
Hot Water Law

Another law should be “do not mess with something that works”. I mentioned about putting in a new on-demand hot water system just before we left. It was so we would have an endless supply of hot water rather than letting water run for long lengths of time before it got hot, then running out before two people could shower. A few “dry runs” before we left might have been nice. The first time it failed was our fault… Just a little switch in the wrong position.

But last night I couldn’t get any hot water to do dishes. Gar spent most of the morning following schematics and theories and trying to find out how to have a part delivered to a remote RV park in Mexico. After phone calls, trial and error, we think the problem is fixed. I took a hot shower right away in case it goes out again. The super nice people in the large motorhome next to us had discussed our situation and offered their shower. A very generous offer, but we would probably not have taken them up on it… But still, very generous.
BacktrackIng a bit, we got to Puerto Penasco about 1:00 yesterday. We were randomly stopped at the Mexican border and because we hope to go further south we had to go to the Immigration office and get travel visas. That was easy and not very expensive. Everything upon arrival went like clockwork. Our space we had reserved was waiting for us, even though someone else wanted it. Our New Years party tickets were waiting at the Wrecked at the Reef bar and our dinner reservations at the Mare Blue restaurant was still on the books.  

The RV park is not full at all but the popular oceanfront spaces are all taken. Lots of fireworks were going off last night on the beach. It is pretty cold for here. It is supposed to hit 63 today but there is a strong wind off the water so feels much cooler. By Monday or Tuesday rain is predicted. We get Tucson as our local tv stations and they are expecting quite a bit of rain, wind and snow in higher elevations by Monday or Tuesday.

Garry is out riding the Honda Trail 90 motorbike. I road my bicycle for a bit yesterday just to remember how to ride. Otherwise we are being pretty laid back til the festivities tonight.  

Hope you all have a very good and safe New Years.



Mexico or Bust

Mexico, Here We Come!
I am writing this on Tuesday night, December 29th, from Ajo, Arizona. We have traveled almost exactly 1600 miles in four days, leaving from Des Moines Saturday morning at 5:00 a.m.! Yes, A.M.!!!!! We were actually an hour late based on Garry’s plan, but all in all it seemed early enough for me.

We planned on a very long day on Saturday and it was that, for sure! We drove 648 miles to Corning, California. The weather was pretty darn good. The roads were clear and dry and we had sun, clouds, fog, wet fog, and more clouds and sun. We would have gone further than Corning, but I needed to stop after 12 hours. We stayed at an RV park that was affiliated with a casino. Garry didn’t want me to cook the first night out so we ate in the casino and watched some of NFL football in the bar, then the darn casino took a bit of our money on the blackjack table. Good thing we were tired and wanted to call it a night.

We decided to leave pretty early Sunday to try to get to Bakersfield before the Seahawk game so hit the road at 6:20 a.m. We got to our RV park that I had made a reservation at by 12:15. Not bad. Then the bad news. Cable Tv there (Fox channel) was only broadcasting the Packers game. So, I think, OK, we will use our new Dish To Go satellite. Worked great except they were showing the Packers game. Tried live streaming but they ‘required’ your location which showed the Packers game. At this point there was much frustration (to put it lightly) and good friend forever, Robin Miller, back in SeaTac set up her iPad on a chair and broadcast the game to us to my iPad via FaceTime. The funny part was we could hear each other doing things besides talking. Nothing weird but Gar wast putting snaps on a curtain so there was lots of banging. And we kept hearing logs crackling in Robin’s fire. It was very creative but did not help us win the game.

Our first major glitch of the trip happened when our new on-demand hot water heater would not work. And we both needed showers because we didn’t shower that morning because of our early departure. It has been years but at 7:00 a.m and in the dark I walked up the the RV park showers and used them. Thank goodness, super clean and no one else there. Gar decided to do the same. Then, of course, at daylight he figured out the one little switch that needed to be turned a different way and lo and behold we had hot water!!! Yay!

Second major glitch was Garry realizing his hearing aid place had given him the wrong pieces he needed to keep them clean. We had to call his son Dale, and then the hearing aid place, and have Dale get the correct ones and overnight them to us to an RV park we hoped we would be at on Tuesday.

(Good news, UPS got them to us and they are the right ones. Thanks, Dale)

Weather reports for the pass going through Tehachapi were not great for later Monday so we left fairly early. Snow and heavy winds in the pass and Mohave desert were predicted and we didn’t want to get caught in that. We made it to Barstow before noon and I found a Blue Beacon Truck Wash, so we got the RV washed and hand dried and all prettied up. Then we headed off to the east and our goal for the night – Pirates Cove Marina and RV Park. It is just past Needles, Californian on the Colorado River. As we leave Barstow I hear something banging on the roof on my side of the RV. It was the XM radio antenna that got loose from the car wash. Oh, dear. What will we do without Willie’s Place? Or The Blend? By the time we pulled over it no longer worked. The message on the receiver said the antenna was damaged or unplugged. Hmmmm, wonder which that could be. So, I put in a book on CD and we kept going.  

We have been trading off driving and I got us to our destination in fine time! We got a great spot on the river. Garry climbed up on the roof of the RV and wiggled the XM radio antenna wires and tied it down better and it started working. Willie’s Place was back! Woo hoo!

It was a gorgeous night on the river. So far the days have been sunny but cold, especially at night. There are lots of weather alerts about high winds, freezing temperatures, snow in some areas. But to us it all felt good.

EXCEPT! I forgot to mention the first two days when we froze while driving. This had never happened before! We hung the privacy curtain behind us as we drove and had the heat cranked for two days and froze to death! It was crazy! But the mystery was solved Monday when I saw the vent over the bed was open by about 3 inches. When we drove all the cold air came blowing up front at us! Amazing how much warmer things were after that!

OK, so this morning we left Pirates Cove and headed to where we are right now -Ajo, Arizona. We are 40 miles from the Mexican border and 100 miles from our destination of Puerto Penasco aka Rocky Point. We will hit the grocery store in the morning, top off with fuel and head for the border. We will be spending New Year’s Eve at the Wrecked at the Reef Bar – walking distance from our RV Park. We have reservations at the park until at least the 4th, then will probably head further south to explore more of Mexico before wandering back to the States.

I hope most of this makes sense. I wanted to get something out before we left tomorrow as I have great wifi here.  

Oh – fuel prices have been good. The highest we have paid is $2.39 a gallon, and the cheapest is $2.09.  


It’s Almost Time

Hard to believe but we are getting ready to hit the road again in the RV for a couple of months.  We had such a good time in Puerto Penasco, Mexico last February that we made reservations to be back there for this New Year’s Eve.  It seemed like such a good idea at the time.  Leave the day after Christmas?  Sure, no problem.  That is, of course, if everything is done to the RV that was on the list.  Oh, dear.  Crunch time and it will be close.   What’s been checked off the list?  Well, a demand hot water system, a satellite TV, shelving storage by entertainment center, more storage under the sink, a new awning and a bike rack to go behind the rack for the Honda Trail 90.   I think there is more but that is the bulk of it.

The winter weather in the passes is hopefully not going to be a big issue.  Last year there was no snow anywhere so driving was a snap.  Might not be the same this year!

Our goal is to put in a super long day on the 26th so we can stop early on the 27th to watch the Seahawk game.  If things go according to plan we will be in Ajo, Arizona on Tuesday the 29th and arrive in Puerto Penasco on the 30th.  The weather there is certainly nicer than here but has been only in the 60’s this week.  Still, that sounds better than here!

So, once again we invite you to follow us on our journey!