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Too Much Excitement

Well, we are home from San Diego and for the most part had a fabulous time – seeing old friends and meeting some great new friends.  You never know when you will connect or reconnect with people and that is the fun of it all.  We were not expecting to see retired Master Sargeant Dave Bell of the Des Moines Police department crewing with the Graham Trucking team.  Man, retirement looks good on him.  Saw John Walcker from Grandview on the Lake at Lake Chelan – we hadn’t seen him in several years.  I warned him that I would be over there with some girlfriends in October terrorizing the town.

Unfortunately, good friend Dave Rankin crashed on Sunday in the finals of the GN sprint boat race.  Gar was at the race site and I was on the bridge walking over to the races when it happened.  I saw it, but was so far away that I couldn’t make out what happened.  Most of the attention was first paid to the boat that was sinking and the driver was in the water.  It was a little bit before it was discovered that Dave was injured also.  Both drivers were transported to the hospital, with Dave having the most serious injuries.  Fortunately, he is expected to make a full recovery.  JUST 6 or 8 broken ribs, a collapsed lung and a broken clavicle.  His team and family pulled everything together… some went to the hospital and others took care of things back at the race site, including getting his Super Stock boat ready for it’s final heat of the weekend which was won by driver Ty Newton.  Congratulations and Get Well to Rankin Racing.

The crash

The crash

The minute the racing was done for the weekend we hustled back to our room to watch Sunday Night Football.  It was a disappointing night… dang those Seahawks.  We had pizza in the room and got ready for an early trip to the airport Monday.  It was a totally uneventful flight home (yay!) except for the man sitting ahead of us who lost his wedding ring.  We were all looking for it and he and his wife stayed on after everyone got off the plane to keep looking.  His wife was pretty funny.  She said after 39 years of marriage she was surprised it hadn’t happened before.

Not sure when the next adventure begins…


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Bayfair at Mission Bay

We had a decent flight to San Diego… Even arrived a little early. We are staying at The Dana Hotel at Mission Bay. I got us a nice 3rd floor room looking out over a marina. We can see a portion of the race pit area from our balcony and there is a lot of action in the bay so plenty to watch.Yesterday was mostly testing for all the various classes of boats here, but there was some racing for the flatbottom classes. There are classes all the way from small ( but fast) outboards, to multiple flatbottom classes, to the nice and noisy Grand Prix hydros and then the Unlimiteds. It is so much fun to be able to see so many of our boat racing friends from around the country and be able to visit. When things get more serious on Saturday and Sunday there won’t be as much time for that.  

I got to spend most of the afternoon with Dee Rankin and her friends. Dee’s husband, Dave, use to drive our super stock for us. He bought it and turned it into a K Boat. That means faster and louder. Unfortunately, it is not repaired after his last crash but they are here with their super stock which is driven by a great guy from Arizona, Ty Newton. They ran great on Friday. I had not seen Dee in probably 7 or 8 years and more than that for some of her friends. It was a fun afternoon. We were hanging by their motor home and then would head to the beach when something exciting was supposed to happen. There was one bad crash in the unlimited testing when Kleey Stocklin driving his boat named Bucket List went over. Kelly went to the hospital for observation but should be fine. His boat had too much damage to be able to race again this weekend.

We went out for a nice dinner last night, had a little champagne, then came home and hit the sack. Unfortunately, we discovered the room attendant had thrown out Garry’s prescription meds. He keeps them in little white paper cups and they were on his nightstand. She thought they were garbage. Weird. So the hotel took me to Walgreens where I got a 3 day supply filled. They said they would reimburse but it was so inexpensive I told them I wanted 2 breakfast buffets comped instead. They were happy to do that since I wasn’t acting all ” I’m going to sue,etc etc”. It saved us more that way because we were going to do the buffet tomorrow morning.

So I am getting ready to walk over to the pits.  

Here are a couple pictures from yesterday.


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Off To San Diego

We are taking off for a short trip to San Diego to watch some boat racing on Mission Bay.  In addition to all of our friends on the Unlimited Hydroplane circuit, we will be able to spend time with our ‘flatbottom’ racing friends who will also be racing this weekend.  Will keep you posted on our short but fun-filled trip!

Check out the fun on the race web site!