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Yikes! Time Flies!


OK, a typical end of the trip blog post from me.  Not that I have forgotten all of you, but things just seem to start moving faster as we get closer to home and then we get home and things really speed up!  On top of that, it took me over an hour yesterday to remember how to move all my pictures from my iPad to my PC so I can add pictures now that I am posting from home using the PC.    I know… excuses, excuses.

So, a quick recap… yes, we lost a prawn pot at Silva Bay… dang it!  At least it was at the end of the trip, not the beginning! We enjoyed our stay at Silva Bay, but next year would go back to the marina we stayed at last year just because it is a little closer to all the action.


Game time!

We left Silva Bay on August 11th and cleared U.S. Customs at Roche Harbor mid-day, then went to Garrison Bay for three days.   We contacted good friend Robin Miller back in Des Moines and invited her to fly up and spend the last few days of the trip on the boat with us.  She arrived via Kenmore Air on Thursday afternoon and later that day Jan and Bill (Another Bill) came back from Des Moines after a few days back at home.  They keep their boat in Garrison Bay most of the summer, so that was a driving trip for them.   We spent most of Thursday night trying to figure out how to watch the Seahawk preseason game on the boat on Friday when we would be at a marina near Oak Harbor.  No over the air antennas pick up anything except a few random Canadian channels so we were thinking wifi, linking an iPad to the TV so we could stream it.  The only problem is it takes a special connector which none of us had.  Friday morning after a yummy breakfast Bill made for all of us, Bill, Robin and Garry headed into Friday Harbor to see what Radio Shack had.  They had a very helpful person talk to them that basically said “I hope you have a radio”.

So, off we go.  We had reservations at the Deception Pass Marina in Cornet Bay.  They have wifi that works some but not so hot.  We put on some fuel when thunder and rain really started hitting.  It poured the rest of the day but we were happy as clams in the boat.  Robin and I fixed some good football/rainy day mexican food as we anticipated game time.  It was pretty funny because we all ended up huddling around Robin’s iPad using up lots of her stored data since the wifi was too weak to use.  We kept the radio off even though it was our announcers because there was a lag between what we could hear and what we could see.   Pretty funny.

Saturday morning we headed to the Oak Harbor Marina.  There were boat races scheduled that weekend and we had waited too long for reservations in the marina so we had agreed to anchor out and be a turn judge boat for Saturday, then leaving Sunday for Langley.  Lucky for us that the marina found us moorage in the back part of the marina for the night because anchoring there is not such a great thing.  We had committed to being a turn judge boat which initially seemed like a good idea.   There were a couple problems, though.  Racing on salt water means there can be issues with the tides.  Oak Harbor is very very very very shallow so at the time of day you normally would be racing there was about two feet of water.  So racing didn’t start until 2:00 p.m.  In addition it was windy and very cold.  The current and winds kept messing with bouys on the course so things got delayed.  Add in a bouy or two taken out by a boat and there were more delays.  Racing didn’t end until 8:00 p.m!   Thank goodness we had a spot to tie up.  We barbecued some salmon for a late dinner and hit the sack.

Wally Johnston getting ready for a tow.

Wally Johnston getting ready for a tow.

Green flag time!  Let's race!

Green flag time! Let’s race!

We left Sunday morning for Langley.   We had been there once before in our Tolly so it had been about the mid-90s since had been there.  The marina is very small but a couple years ago they added a floating breakwater and some dock space for larger boats.  I had made reservations for two nights and we were going to see my mom and my sister-in-law.  I have to tell you, the service at this marina is wonderful!  Friendly, helpful… and they keep the place clean.  On weekends there is a golf cart shuttle that takes you up the hill and into Langley.  Robin and I took advantage of it and did some browsing in the stores, checked out restaurants for dinner and bought a few groceries.  Mom came to the boat late afternoon and we all went to dinner.   Mom and sister-in-law Joanie came down Monday late morning for one of our big Sunday brunches of everything that is bad for you.  We decided that if it was on Monday there were no calories!

E Dock at Langley Marina

E Dock at Langley Marina

Mom and Joanie and I looking at pictures mom brought down.

Mom and Joanie and I looking at pictures mom brought down.

Because of some things happening back at home we ended up leaving Langley Monday instead of Tuesday.  It was much appreciated that the marina refunded one night’s moorage.  They had a wait list so for our dock so it all worked out for everyone.

We got close to Des Moines around 4:15 so slowed the boat way down and popped our traditional bottle of champagne to celebrate a successful trip.  I think we docked around 5:00 but then the three of us sat on the boat awhile and just relaxed before actually joining the real world again.

Passing Seattle

Passing Seattle

First sunset at home

First sunset at home

So, 123 hours on the engines and 251 hours on the generator later we were back home.  It was almost 8 weeks – just a few days shy of it – and one of the best trips we have had.   Nothing seemed rushed this year, the weather was great, we met some great people, and for the most part the boat ran great.  Gar is already looking forward to next year.  I will enjoy being home awhile til we take off for our winter motorhome trip, so stay tuned for that adventure!


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  1. it was great to see you both at Oak Harbor, thanks again,,,jim

  2. Hi, I enjoyed reading your end of the boat trip post. You guys did have another wonderful vacation on your boat. Looking forward to reading about your next trip. Sandy Wed, 26 Aug 2015 17:14:46 +0000 To:

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