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On Gabriola

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It is Monday, August 10 and we are in Silva Bay on Gabriola Island. Again, several days have passed and I need to catch you up.We left Homfray Lodge on the 6th after successfully getting Helen and Glen’s boat repaired ! Yay!! We headed to Mink Island about an hour or two away. Boat racing friend Dave Bibby was there in his beautiful boat, a Bertram named Good Grief. He was visiting his friend Andy, who owns part of the island. We met Andy and he gave us and a few others a nice walking tour of part of the island. Andy has also built himself a salt water hot tub in the rocks heated by some type of in the water wood stove (don’t know what else to call it) that heats the water. I will try to add a couple pictures. The bay was pretty full of anchored boats so we didn’t stay real long. I thought our anchor was dragging. Garry didn’t. But we headed on down the road, so to speak. 

 We thought we would stop at Lund for the night but they had no room so we went further, on down to Westview. They were also very full but were able to raft us off another boat for the night. The marinas are all pretty busy this time of year. Not at all like when we came up in June and there was lots of room. We left Westview early the next day and headed to Pender Harbor knowing if we couldn’t get moorage we could anchor and wait for good weather/little wind to cross the Straits of Georgia. It took calling four marinas before I got moorage but boy, were we glad! We were there two nights and on our last night it got so windy in the back harbor! It was blowing 25 knots and at midnight or so several boats started dragging anchor. In the middle of the wind and dark at least 4 power boats and 3 sailboats were frantically trying not to hit other boats and find a place to anchor.  

We crossed the Straits Sunday morning. The winds were supposed to be much lighter but it wasn’t quite the case. We didn’t really have any problems but it was pretty lumpy. Fortunately, the place we were heading to took us on a much better heading than if we had been going into Nanaimo. Some of those boats crossing had quite a time of it. After an early start and 3.5 hours across the straits we tied up at Pages Marina in Silva Bay. We treated ourselves to lunch out and then napped a little and were very lazy the rest of the day.

Gar put out prawn pots yesterday and one is missing today, most likely from drifting away due to the current. It is a bit windy so hard to see but he might go back out later and look again. He is washing the boat now and I am updating you all on the trip.  

We will be home in about a week or so.


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  1. Hope you are back for the first Seahawks pre-season game!

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