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Ramsay and Homfray

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What an unusual year this has been. We made contact with yacht club friends Jeff and Kathy Landstrom on the Esencia and ended up meeting them at Ramsay Arm for a couple of days. Three times in one year at Ramsay! Unheard of! We got there in time on Sunday to watch the final heat of the Seafair Hydroplane races on there satellite TV. Kathy’s dad, Dick Frederickson, was on board with them. Dick has been a member of the yacht club since 1957 – at the beginning of the the club. His wife Davie did not make the trip this year. She is having knee problems so stairs on the boat are a bit tough. Dick is 87 and boats and parties like he is 40! Not too sure if I am talking to him because he whipped me in some cribbage games.We spent two nights at Ramsay with Esencia and then headed toward Homfray Lodge in Homfray Channel. Unfortunately they were full so we tied off an old logging area dock about a mile away. We took the dinghy down to say hi to the owner, Dave. There was (is – since I am writing in real time now) a sailboat there that had motor issues… as in no motor. And there was no wind yesterday so sailing wasn’t going so great. They ended up towing themselves in with their tender. Gar went over to see what he could do to help. After a couple of hours of working around a typical boat engine in cramped quarters (also typical of a boat) he got their impeller out and it was all chewed up. They were hoping that was the problem so had one being sent in by float plane but they admitted they didn’t know much about how to fix things. Now with no motor to charge their batteries they can’t run their fridge, freezer, etc. Anyway, we came to Homfray today to help put the new impeller in. It is supposed to arrive this afternoon but it is raining and we just hope the overcast lifts enough for the plane to get here.

We are hoping to meet up with boat racing friend Dave Bibby in the next day or so. We got a text that he just got up in the area yesterday. I texted where we were and just hope he got the text. You never know if your communications make it or if they do how long it takes for them to get to the recipient.

There is no cell service at Homfray but they have wifi so I am updating like crazy.  

Oh, I just found out that the lady on the sailboat is a wonderful artist! Check out her website. She and husband Glenn are really nice people and very happy Garry is hopefully going to fix them up today!


One thought on “Ramsay and Homfray

  1. I went to that website and boy! is she talented. Are you thinking about heading home soon? It will be good to have am in-person visit and actually see you. Theresa called a few days ago and they may be coming over next week for one to maybe three days. It should be lots of fun, especially if the weather is not too hot/cold/wet. We had a little rain tonight and things have been much cooler the last few days. Take care and continue having fun. XXOO


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