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Back To Denham

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Back AgainWe spent a fun day and night at Big Bay on Sunday after our nice stay at Denham Bay Lodge. We joined Boondocker, Another Bill and Sandpiper but it seemed like more than just the three of us Des Moines Yacht Club boats as the boat across from us used to be owned by Club member, Dan Ferreira. His old boat SeaLegs was there. His new owner, Jim, is from Everett. He was on SeaLegs and his parents were there on their boat, White Frog. Also there was Limelight, a 47′ Bayliner. We met Limelight (Richard and Suszanne) last year at Homfray Lodge and so they came over and did happy hour on our boat. It was quite a party! They have stayed in touch with friend Robin Miller since last summer so after a few happy hour beverages we got some pictures taken and sent them to Robin.  

Gar and I learned about a fundraiser BBQ and auction that was going to be on August 1st at Big Bay so we kicked it around and decided to be back for it. It is the annual Stuart Island Salmon Enhancement BBQ and Auction. All proceeds go to support local salmon enhancement and restoration projects. There is a bar, silent auction, appetizers, dinner, live auction and a live band. We were told by someone who has been there before to leave our checkbooks and credit cards at on the boat because we won’t be able to compete the the local millionaires (and maybe billionaires) who will be bidding more than we can handle. Supposedly there will be about 250 plus people at the event. We will definitely be more like the po’ folk in town. 

But before August 1st we have days to kill so headed to Ramsay Arm for 3 nights. Boondocker, Another Bill and Sandpiper all came to Ramsay too. The rain had left us and we had hot and then very hot weather. It was kinda weird because there is rarely any other boat there but just after we anchored three other boats came and anchored a little ways from us.  

Prawning was not too hot but Simon did OK…fishing not so hot, but they didn’t try too hard. Yvonne and I kayaked one day but it was too hot the last day there. At one point our thermometer said 102 degrees in the sun. It was 96 in the boat for awhile, but once the sun goes down it cools off nicely.  

Boondocker and Another Bill left after the second night and are slowly making their way toward home. Sandpiper stayed the last night with us and just before it got too dark a huge loading craft came in to the old logging area by where we anchor and two off road vehicles drove off and went up the logging road. They were most likely surveyors or something. Then the landing craft went down to the larger logging project that has been active this year but not right now due to the fire danger. When we got up this morning we saw it leaving there so took a close look when we left. There was a small boat there and definite activity so they might be getting ready to do some more logging.

We were able to make reservations back at Denham Bay for tonight (Thursday) and tomorrow we will head for our two nights at Big Bay and the auction. Should be interesting.

We have heard occasional chatter on the radio from other club members and know they are in the general vicinity and actually passed Frank and Trish on the Double Eagle as they were going south through Dent Rapids and we were going north.


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  1. Enjoyed reading your blog! Can’t wait to hear about the festivities and auction at Big Bay this weekend! We are still deciding if we should head south or perhaps to Homfrey in Desolation Sound on Monday. Perhaps we’ll meet again this holiday!

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