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Alone Again, Naturally

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Alone Again, NaturallyThe days seem to fly by. We have been traveling on our own for several days – four or five? I have lost track. We like meeting up and traveling with friends but it is also nice to be completely alone from time to time. Today we will meet up again with Sandpiper and Another Bill if all goes well. We are not sure what Boondocker is planning.

When we left Echo Bay we did some salmon fishing on our way to Waddington Bay to see Sandpiper. This has been a completely different year for us. We are not only fishing, but we are catching! The cohos (silvers) and springs or chinooks (kings) have been in at Cramer Passage and we caught 3 nice fish in no time! Lost several but the fishing was really good.  

After a very windy and crowded night at Waddington Bay with Sandpiper we went our separate ways. We actually went back 5 miles to where we had fished the day before and caught a couple cohos and a chinook in exactly the same spot as the day before. We then took off for what we call the Indian Village. It’s real name is Karlukwees and it is an abandoned village where Mother Nature is claiming everything back. When we first started coming to Karukwees in the 1980s there was a dock and nice secure pilings. Over the years everything just aged and disappeared. We anchored and tied a stern line to a big rock and hoped for the best. It turned out to be a really nice night. Gar cranked up his music on the bridge, we danced a little and enjoyed the heck out of it. The next morning the tide was barely low enough for some clamming and we played the annual golf tournament, the Karlukwees Open. I was guaranteed at least a 2nd place finish. And that is what I got. After the clamming and ‘golf’ we headed to Minstrel Island to see if there would be a spot at the deserted Minstrel Island resort docks. There was only one sailboat there so we tied and and spent the next two days there. Minstrel Island Resort used to be ‘the place’ to go to but things changed – some hard times, some not so good management, so issues with the RCMP (if you believe the rumors) and it was abandoned very abruptly years ago with bedding, dishes, clothes, tools, etc., all left behind. We have heard that the owners were arrested but we also heard they got out in the nick of time before arrest. We will probably never know the real story.  

Adjacent to the old resort is a place called Sail Cone Lodge. After looking over at it for years we walked over and asked if we could look around. It is a nicely maintained little resort that have guests flown in for whale watching, bear watching and fishing trips. They had about 12 guests one of the days we were there.  

Garry was doing OK but not great prawning so we waffled on how long to stay there. We also watched and listened to the weather on the Johnstone Straits trying to decide best time to head back to Desolation Sound. We had good texting while at Minstrel so knew that Sandpiper, Boondocker and Another Bill were in Forward Harbor, already down the Straits and they were all deciding where to go next.

We finally decided to leave Saturday and were debating where to go. Pt. Harvey? Forward Harbor? Cordero? Big Bay? Definitely not Blind Channel. Not our favorite place and we had already been there once.  

We passed Pt. Harvey by because the Straits were so calm we headed down them. We passed Forward Harbor because the Whirlpool Rapids were running in our favor. We kept going through Green Point rapids at slack and had almost decided on Big Bay when we spotted a place called Denham Bay. I had seen the sign on the way north, but we didn’t check it out at the time. Anyway, we ended up spending the night there and had an absolute blast. Owners Pete and Sarah leased a nice chunk of land and in 2006 started clearing and building. They have four really cute guest cabins, decent docks for a few boats, good wifi, good water and super good hosts. They built the most amazing outdoor covered kitchen area. The cabins don’t have kitchens, just bathrooms so guests bring in food in cook in the outdoor kitchen. All basic things are supplied like oil, butter, salt, pepper so guests just bring in their meats, etc., in coolers. They recently built an outdoor pizza oven. Sarah used to be the pastry chef at Dent Island lodge and she plans on using the pizza oven for baking pastries, too. Pete is also a fishing guide and they have lots of guide friends who stop by so Gar was told where he could maybe catch a halibut. The salmon are in here but we don’t need any more and would love one more halibut.

I was able to text Yvonne yesterday when I heard that they and Another Bill were going to Big Bay and asked her to make a reservation for us there today (Sunday) so we will be heading that way when the rapids through Dent and Gillard are slow enough for us to comfortably go through.  


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