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Yes, you can teach an old dog new tricks! This is probably an old one to many but not to me. You see – garbage is an issue when boating for an extended trip. Unless you are on the mainland or in a larger marina on Vancouver Island there is no easy way to deal with garbage. Each of the marinas in the Broughton Islands and Desolation Sound have their own program. Some take no garbage at all. Some have a fee for a small bag of garbage. Some take plastic and non-squished soda cans. A couple have burn barrels but with the fire hazzard that is limited this year. For years we have had a tendency to have the inside garbage (a trash compactor, thank goodness) and Garry’s stinky outside bag for fishy/bait stuff/oily things. Some food products we can toss overboard like coffee grounds, old leftovers and such. But we don’t do that when at a marina or in an anchorage with lots of boats. In a marina or anchorage it is acceptable to throw out prawn and crab shells. We usually had one big garbage burning bonfire on a safe beach each year but there is a total burn ban here right now so things have accumulated.

Anyway, back to the old dog story. I had the vacuum packer out the other day to deal with the salmon we had caught. That means there are lots of fishy paper towels from thoroughly blotting the fish. I had this brilliant idea to shrink wrap the stinky stuff and it worked great. I have done it a couple times now. Not only does it keep the stink down, the size of the shrunken bag is tiny compared to a plastic garbage bag.  

In addition to the stinky garbage solution, Yvonne had a brilliant idea that I am now copying. When I empty a container like a soda can or water bottle I just put it back empty where it had been stored full. A little rinsing first if it is something on the icky side and it is out of the way. Anything cardboard now gets flattened and stored rather than in the garbage. Then I can deal with it when there is a place that will take the stuff.

So, Garbage In Garbage Out is the new motto this year!


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