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Gotta love technology… or hate it. When you are far from home or a store to fix things there can be some panic. It is only a little after 1:00 p.m. and already today I have cursed technology, then later grateful for every bit of it.My morning started out with my iPad dead as a doornail. And please don’t ask if I had charged it! I plug it in every night. Now this iPad is my lifeline for many things. I do my emails, post to Facebook, do my blog, pay bills… and all of my books are on it! What to do, what to do!! First things was check all plugs and connections. Using my iPod charger it became clear it was the iPad itself. So my mind was already thinking of how to check things, pay bills and find real books to read. Bill Lande lent me his laptop to take up the dock to the office area at Echo Bay to try to get on-line. While trying to figure out a laptop that I don’t know I texted my daughter, Theresa. My favorite daughter!!! Forever. She googled the problem and told me to try a fix and it worked! All is good again.

Then just about an hour ago we heard that our friend Bill on Bumble Bee had a medical issue and had to go the hospital in Pt. Hardy. Between wifi, text, facebook, email and VHF we were able to communicate in round robin fashion between other boats, Bill’s son, and then Bill to find out it was a medicine issue. He says he is fine and they are leaving Pt. Hardy heading this general direction. What is nice to know is that without any of this technology the Canadian Coast Guard would have helped us communicate with our boating friends further north and out of our range of hearing.

We are leaving Echo Bay tomorrow with an unclear destination. We are going to try to find a lucky halibut hole to add some more to our freezer. Prawning has not been good to us here. We will pull crab pots later and see if that is any better.


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