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Days Fly ByWe have not had a signal for so long I have to jog my memory to try to think of what we have been doing.  

We left Port Hardy on Saturday, the 11th and stopped awhile to do some halibut fishing. Caught a nice little halibut – about 20 pounds – at Taylor Bank. Water was flat calm and no fog so it was a great crossing. We pulled into Claydon Bay and set anchor and did our stern line to shore, then heard from Simon and Yvonne in Sandpiper. They tied up with us and we spent the next several nights there. Sunday it rained, then rained really hard and then poured! It was crazy but really needed. Gar and Simon did a little prawning. On Monday, Jan and Bill in Another Bill joined us for a couple nights. The weather cleared up quite a bit and the guys did some prawning. Garry has (for now) lost is crown of being the King Prawner. It was reluctantly passed on to Bill. During one of the prawn pot pulls Gar got zero, Simon about 20 and Bill got 110! Bills skills continue, or it might be his homemade bait. We did not make any this year and those pellets just don’t work as good.

While in Claydon, Yvonne and I did some kayaking and also took the dinghy over to visit a boat that we had been anchored near back in Forward Harbor. Jack & Carol from Florida in their ‘new to them’ 45′ Bayliner Lucky Star were enjoying learning about their new boat. It was fun to touch base with them.

We left Claydon and headed all the way of about 5.5 miles to Turnbull Bay with Sandpiper and Another Bill. It is a nice anchorage with some prawning just outside of the bay. We had not been to Turnbull in this boat so it has been prior to 1998! There is a lagoon close by that to get into you have to use your dinghy to go through Roaring Hole Rapids. At high slack it is just fine but at some times it is far to dangerous to cross the rapids. We spent two nights in Turnbull with Peggy and Wayne on the Boondocker joining us the last night. Prawning was OK, but by far the best for Bill, again!!! Our new friends, Jack & Carol, were also anchored in the bay and they kayaked over to say hi.  

One of the things Yvonne and I do is keep our VHF radios on for entertainment. On one night we were listening to the Canadian Coast Guard and a rescue of some type across the Nahwetti Bar. Yes, that is the bar that Gar was going to cross in the dinghy. We don’t know the nature of the distress but they were sending a Coast Guard boat out and requested the people needing assistance make no attempt to cross the bar. They did radio checks every 20 minutes to make sure that the situation had not gotten any worse. We will probably never know what happened but it sure makes your imagination run wild.

There is a lake you can hike to in Turnbull that has a trail maintained by the BC parks, so Bill and I decided to try it. It was about 1 mile and very steep climbing. It was a very large lake with a rickety dock that you could go out on to swim or fish. There was a picnic table on shore and an honest to God outhouse. Checked that hike off my list.

We left Turnbull and headed to Greenway Sound which is where we are as I am writing this update. All four boats of us are still together. Greenway Sound used to have a nice marina but it has been abandoned for several years and every year the docks are in more disrepair from the year before. The winters are very harsh on things like that. The building as still hear but also deteriorating. We set up camp and we look like the Clampetts. We have a white canvas across the dock tied to 3 of the boats to give us some shade. Last night there were two other boats here. They left this morning but two more came in awhile ago and just now 2 more came in. The prawning here has been poor but Simon has the most here so he is claiming the crown. We got something like 8 prawns and one very large octopus that had eaten several of the prawns in the pot.

I think it was two years ago that Simon came across a phone booster that several of us bought so if there was any type of phone signal, then with the booster we could maybe at least text. Well, ours has never worked right and we always thought it was because we still have old ‘stupid’ phones, no smart phones. Jan and Bill have had great signal here at Greenway so I went to their boat and my phone worked to. Well, it turns out that they are using the itty bitty antenna that came with the booster rather than the larger fancier ones that Garry and Simon were using. Since we both still had the original box of stuff that came with it we now are using the itty bitty antenna and we have a signal! Woo hoo! And that is why I decided I should post to the blog. When we leave here Sunday or Monday we will be heading to Pierre’s at Echo Bay and they have wifi there so I will use that some.  

Sorry that I have nothing very exciting to pass on. After that bit of rain the weather is pretty good again, the waters are fine, the company good and the boat and dinghy are working just fine.  


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