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Port Hardy Good Times

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We have been enoying Pt. Hardy for a couple of days now, but will be leaving Saturday morning and heading back to the Broughton Island area. When we heard the fishing wasn’t so hot across Nahwitti Bar we decided to try to get into Pt. Hardy. We traveled in dense fog the whole way from Sointula which was about a 3 hour trek going slower than usual due to the fog. The fog was lifting just as we entered the harbor.

Friends Gord and Marilyn live in Pt. Hardy and Garry and Gord were going to go fishing Thursday morning, so we had Gord and Marilyn down for happy hour Wednesday so the guys could plan and we could all catch up on our lives. Their son Wade has cabins to rent (Bear Cove Lodge) and has some charter fishing boats ( He and his friend Chad (Coastwide Charters) operate just two docks over from where we got our moorage slip so Gar and Gord went over to chat. Chad only one guy on his boat for Thursday so he invited the guys to go on his boat for free to make it a more fun day. They jumped on that one! They were out there all day and limited on salmon and got 2 halibut. Gar actually had a huge halibut but it was 5 inches to large to keep. They have to be either under a certain size of over. His was about a 90 to 100 pounder and it killed them to release it but we need to keep that halibut population going. Because it was a charter we took advantage of Chad arranging to have it clean, vacuum packed and frozen for us. I just have to find freezer space when we pick the fish up today.

We had Gord and Marilyn down to the boat last night for barbecued salmon, salad and other goodies. She brought fresh raspberries and blueberries and whip cream for dessert. Plans were made for today (Friday). The guys took of halibut fishing and Marilyn is going to come pick me up later and drive and show me the Coal Harbor. It is only 12 miles from here but is actually the west side of Vancouver Island.  

The weather has been fabulous and setting heat records for here. They are on partial water restriction. Some showers are predicted by Sunday and it is so badly needed here.

The large yacht next to us in the marina is the Hotei and is owned by someone in the Royal Vancouver Yacht Club. It is 121 ft. long and gorgeous. There is a crew of 5 – all very friendly – and there is a group of guys on it now who are taking advantage of fishing. Last night they were in the hot tub on the back of the yacht enjoying their happy hour. The Hotei was launched in 1986, the year of the Expo in Vancouver. Princess Diana and Prince Charles cruised on it one day when they were out here for the Expo.  

When we get back to the Broughtons the only internet we will have is if we go to a marina which is just occasionally, so after mid day tomorrow my posts will be pretty scattered.


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  1. Thanks for your posts Mar. Brings back a lot of good memories. Ginger continues to hang in there. She is amazing. Glad you are having fun. Hope you have calm waters and safe travels. Gordy

    Date: Fri, 10 Jul 2015 16:15:44 +0000 To:

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