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While Garry and Gord were out fishing Marilyn took me to Coal Harbor just as planned. Coal Harbor has a great history as a whaling town, airplanes, copper mining and logging. Marilyn has been there many times and wanted to show me their tourist claim to fame; a giant whale jaw bone. Well, we drove around all 2 or 3 blocks of town a few times and couldn’t find a giant jawbone. She finally asked a girl who said it was at the museum being refurbished. Marilyn said “what museum?” I thought “refurbish a whale jaw?”

Turns out there is a nice little museum in the airplane hangers by the docks. There were some great historical pictures of everything including the 91 ft blue whale that donated his jaw bone to the museum. 

On the way back we stopped by Hardy Bouys fish packing and got all of our vacuum packed and frozen fish from yesterday. Gord called Marilyn and said they were back from fishing with one halibut and we all needed to hop in the truck and tow Bill Bryant’s dinghy, the Animal, down to Pt. McNeill. Gord had been storing it until Bill got up this way. So off we go. Bill Lande, Wayne Weber, Frank Keenan and Bill Bryant had come over from Sointula for the dinghy pick up. There was some kind of issue with one of the motors so while Bill started working in that most of had lunch and did a little shopping. The Animal finally was running good so we waved goodbye and made it back to Pt. Hardy.  

The weather has cooled off by about 15 degrees and rain or showers are predicted for the 3 days. Maybe I will be wearing a sweatshirt for the first time this trip.


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