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Everyone Remembers Garry

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A funny thing happened while we were in Pt. McNeill. We were getting off our boat to walk to town and all of a sudden behind us we heard “Garry?” We stopped and it took a minute but it was a couple about our ages that met years ago at the old Pierre’s Bay Marina so I am guessing at least 10 years or more ago. Their boat is Skowndrel’s Dream. They said they could never forget Garry or our boat name and the lady bailed me out years ago with a cell phone issue. Way back in the day I bought a pay-as-you-go Canadian cell phone. You buy minutes for it. It seemed the best way to do things at the time. However we found a real glitch. To add minutes you needed more prepaid cards or call and put it on a credit card. So what is the glitch you say? Well, back then they would not accept an U.S credit card to buy minutes on a Canadian phone. In a bit of a panic this nice lady overheard my problem and sold me her minutes cards that she wasn’t going to need. Anyway, they were both so excited to see us and said they had often wondered if we were still boating. We are hoping to see them again this summer when we head back down to where they will be doing their cruising.


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