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Finally Moving Again


We are in day three in Forward Harbor. The straits still have gale warnings so we are being smart for now. Garry is getting antsy, though. I continue to watch weather and wind conditions and we try to figure out what other boats are doing. Usually there is a lot of chatter on VHF16 so we can figure some of this out but there are not many boats and the ones here sure aren’t talking much. I was able watch a large boat on AIS that was anchored behind us last night. AIS is like having a transponder on your boat so other boats can see you. We have an AIS receiver but not one that sends a signal. Anyway I watched the boat make its way out to the straits and then turn around. they appear to have anchored in a little nook waiting to see what the winds will do before trying again.We have been able to get a few nice crab here and Garry and Simon have been doing some successful bottom fishing. Yvonne and I did some kayaking yesterday in the harbor. we are thinking that Peggy and Wayne on the Boondocker and Frank and Trish on Double Eagle may end up here, then heard from them and they were going to be at Blind Channel marina instead.

Since it was Friday night we decided to have a fish fry and invite Simon and Yvonne over. Yvonne made a super yummy crab salad and we provided the fish and chips but we also had what Yvonne called an amuse-bouche (see definition following).  

amuse-bouche [aˌmyzˈbuʃ] (plural amuse-bouches) or amuse-gueule[aˌmyzˈɡœl] is a single, bite-sized hors d’œuvre.[1] Amuse-bouches are different from appetizers in that they are not ordered from a menu by patrons, but, when served, are done so free and according to the chef’s selection alone. These, often accompanied by a complementing wine, are served both to prepare the guest for the meal and to offer a glimpse into the chef’s approach to the art of cuisine

I (Chef Marilee) had decided to do a few tasty steamer clams as a special surprise addition to the meal. The diners were pleased to hear I had cooked a few earlier and ate some myself and waited for an hour before deciding there was no sign of paralytic shellfish poisoning. The only numbness or tingling could be attributed to the beverages at dinner.

Saturday became another very windy day. Garry and Simon caught some nice ling cod. We heard from Boondocker and Double Eagle saying they would be arriving in the harbor by 7:00. Yvonne and I did more kayaking. Our routine would be to kayak up to newly arrived boats to see where they had come from – and of course all were hoping for the winds to die so they could further north.. Then we would stop by boats we had met the day before and chat awhile. One nice couple from Florida were cruising in their 45′ Bayliner that they had only had for 5 weeks. They dubbed me Mayor of Forward Harbor.   

After little debate we decided we should lower our canvas bimini before heading out in the straits because the high winds were really making it flop around quite a bit. We were glad we decided to do that because when Double Eagle got there we got to hear about their bimini problem in 35 knot winds. I am not sure if it was badly damaged or what but it wasn’t good. 

The wind predictions for Sunday, Monday and Tuesday were looking better so all of us and many others in the bay were going to try to leave Sunday morning. I was up at 4:15 and heard the 4:00 weather/wind conditions and it was for sure going to be a ‘go’. Instead of 30 to 45 knot winds it was to be 15 to 20. And Fanny Island weather station was only blowing 12 knots. It was pretty funny watching a huge parade of boats leaving Forward Harbor at the same time! The Straits were pretty much flat calm all they way. The other three boats headed to Minstrel Island but Gar and I went further on to Port McNeill. We were there by 10:15 a.m., but had been moving for 5 hours by then.   

So, we are now at the North Island Marina formerly called Port McNeill Fuel Dock and Marina. Talk about service…. they will even fuel us up in our slip. When I called for a reservation I said we were going to fuel up and spend the night so they put us on of their two docks where they have super long fuel hoses. They were saying that everyone here had been waiting out the winds too so they had tons of boats leave this morning and now they are filling back up quickly.  

Today we saw one whale from a distance and one fishing boat aground on an island with the Coast Guard checking it out. There was a lot of debris in the water from the high winds and high tides.

Tomorrow we are thinking of going about 5 miles to Sointula on Malcolm Island. We have friends from home who have a home on Malcolm Island also and they are there right now so want to say hi and the guys may do some fishing for halibut.



2 thoughts on “Finally Moving Again

  1. Excellent news that you were able to get moving with better weather. The feast looks delicious! I crave seafood and here in the desert, it isn’t easy to come by. Howdy to our good friends on the Sandpiper too!

  2. Mar: July 6, 2015

    Awesome! Can’t wait to hear more adventures and pictures too!!!!


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