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Well, thanks again to Robin Miller and also to my mom I continue to learn about WordPress and blogging.  Robin called me from Nice, France today and we worked through a couple things.   Mom ‘commented’ and then I emailed her and I learned more things.  I wish I had known some of this earlier.

More about Comments.  We learned that when you post a comment, just below the comment box there is a little box you can click on that says something like ‘Notify of new comments via email’.  We tested it and it works.  The downside ( I think ) is that you need to do that each time you comment.  But at least there is that option.  I feel really bad about comments I have received over the years from people that I really did respond to and they probably never saw the response and that I was just totally ignoring them.

Comments seems to be another issue that I need your help to figure out.  Robin and I both use WordPress.  When mom comments on Robin’s blog it is a simple process of type in the comment and hit send.  Now for some reason when she tries to comment to mine she has to do additional steps including having to type in the mystery letters or numbers for verification.   Has this happened to any of you commenters?   Today under ‘settings’ I found a box that was checked that said I was requiring your email, so I unclicked the box.

So, if you feel like helping me, try posting a comment and let me know how it works.  And try to find the little box to click so you get a response from me to your comment.

Consider this your homework!

By the way, if you are a ‘foodie’ or love France and Italy check out Robin’s blog,, and follow her adventures as an American on the loose for several weeks in Europe!


Picture is my shadow on a sidewalk and rocks taken with iPad Photo Booth App, thermal camera option.


16 thoughts on “More To Learn

  1. We will see if your blog about comments gets to you and you respond. I will check the “notify me of new comments via email”. Between you and Robin M we will get this solved. You are both good girls.

  2. Yes, your comment got to me. Did you still have to do the weird verification to send the comment?

  3. I also wonder if part of the problem is using iPads or similar instead of regular computers. Courtney couldn’t figure out how to Follow me until he went to site on computer.

    • That is probably true, too. We just keep learning. Mom’s last comment worked fine and so did the notification of my response!

      • You girls crack me up. Is this anything like Facebook? I”m not used to two (now three) exchanging emails like this.
        FYI, generally I am on my computer when doing all this, not my iPad.

  4. Except now I am getting responses twice when I comment. I wonder… maybe I don’t have to check the box each time??

  5. I haven’t had more than one email yet.

  6. Hey Marilee, I’ve been following your travels and was pleased to see you’re planning another road trip next winter. Hopefully your route will include the PHX area and you can make time for a visit. Love to see you!

    • We are already gearing up for our summer boat trip but gar is talking constantly about next winter, too! There is something to be said for waking up to warm sun almost every morning. Hope to see you next year.

  7. You know I have to do homework if you assign it to me! 😉 I am going to try to comment without putting in my email (even though the box for it is still there), and I will check the “notify me of new comments via email.”

  8. Good to know, Joan!

  9. This is a test. This is only a test. Had it been an actual post, it would have said something useful. The following tones will complete this test. Beeeep. Screeeeeeeeeech. Beeep.

  10. Ha ha ha ah ha… You passed the test!

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