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OK, thanks to my friend Robin Miller, who is on a grand adventure in Europe and blogging, I learned the following that she posted today about our blogs.  So thanks, Robin!   I am just going to cut and paste what she said!

“I have been meaning to do this for some time. I absolutely LOVE getting comments on my blog posts.

When I first started out, though, I would reply to them thinking you would get an email. I get an email anytime anyone comments so assumed you would get the reply. NOT!

So, I typically don’t reply because to see it you would have to go back into that post and look at comments which I don’t think many people would do.

So, there you go…keep commenting and I will keep enjoying them!”

Except here is where I differ from Robin.  I frequently answer your comment and I just assumed you got a notification that I answered back.  I think WordPress should fix that!!


6 thoughts on “Just Learned Something

  1. Oui, oui, Madame! I agree! WordPress should fix it!

  2. as long as I have know you guys I enjoy everything you post, you go girl!!!

  3. Have read this three times but still don’t understand what you are saying. Are we to make comments? Do YOU read them? Is it necessary for you to go back to that day’s blog to understand the comment? Will you read this from me? Will you please respond by email so I can decide what you said VS what you mean. I think it is true—I am too old for this stuff!

    Love ya, Mom


  4. Testing comments, now

  5. Testing, testing, testing. Comments

  6. Now I am commenting to your test. This is a test too

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