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Home Again

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Well, we made it home and were gone just over 5 weeks and 4500 miles on the road.  It was a fabulous trip!   The weather the last few days on the Oregon Coast was gorgeous!  Well, except for the occasional downpour, but overall really nice.

After we left Crescent City we meandered up the windy (not wind windy, but windy turns windy) coast.  It is interesting as we scope out RV parks, we are always looking for something on the water or near water.  You can google RV parks, use all the books in the world, but then stumble across one that is not advertised or mentioned and it is a nice surprise.  Not advertised maybe because of the cost, especially if it is a small RV park and not reviewed maybe if it is a really great one and you want to keep the secret.

We spent the night after Crescent City at an RV Park that is in the books and is quite small and by far the most expensive one we stayed in on the whole trip.  Even with our Good Sam discount, with tax it was just over $67 dollars!   Usually we pay around $30 a night.  But this place was fabulous!   Right on the ocean with beach access.  Super clean and friendly.  Great amenities (which we usually don’t use), free wifi that worked!  It is called Sea Perch RV park and it was north of Florence and south of Yachats.  It was pretty rainy the next morning but cleared up enough for a walk on the beach and some picture taking.


It was dry when he climbed


Hustling to stay keep my feet dry

We made a late start (almost noon!) and were thinking of maybe Seaside, Astoria or maybe Long Beach Washington, but then we came to Garibaldi.  Here was one of those not-advertised RV parks.  We saw the sign too late so turned around to check it out.  It is attached to a small motel that was built in the 1940s and we got to pick our spot.  We were right on the bay and had a wonderful afternoon.  You can clam and crab year round on the bay and there is alot of fishing, too.  We walked a few blocks to explore some antique/thrift stores and the sunny skies went away and a downpour happened.  We were in an antique store when the skies opened and the owner volunteered to lock up and drive us back to our park.  We declined and headed to a sports bar and grill called Hook, Line and Sinker and had an early dinner.   The skies cleared and we were back to our place for a great sunset.  We definitely plan on a return trip to Garibaldi.


Our view in Garibaldi


Sunset in Garibaldi

Finally it was time to bite the bullet and hit the road for our last day of travel.  After a stop for breakfast just past Seaside we crossed into Washington and got home around 4:00 p.m.   The only disaster of the whole trip happened just after we crossed the bridge into Washington.   We had made a booze stop in California for the much cheaper booze and a bottle of Absolute Vodka and of Bailey’s Irish Cream went flying.  Half gallons!  Glass and goo everywhere.  We had to pull over and use every towel, paper towel, garbage bag around to clean up the mess.  Baileys only smells good for so long then you get tired of it.

The worst traffic of the whole trip was from Centralia to our Des Moines exit.  We were so happy to park and unload the basics and then kick back and watch a great sunset in Des Moines.   Since then we have been unloading, cleaning, doing yardwork, laundry, mail, all the usual things you have to do at the end of vacation.  And before you know it, it will be June and we will be heading north on the boat for the summer.


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  1. Glad you had a nice trip.

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