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Closer To Home


I am writing this at Crescent City on the northern California coast….very close to the Oregon border.   A slighly humerous note about finding an RV Park here… we drove around and around looking for the one we both remembered from the last time we spent a night here and then found out later at dinner that the tsunami that hit in 2011 took it out.  No wonder we couldn’t find it!

Back to our journeys.  I didn’t give a lot of details about our boat ride on the lake and then up river to see the Bryants.  It was great being on a boat on a perfect day.  Even when in the lake you had better know where you are going or follow your charts carefully as there are areas of very shallow water that sneak up on you.   Bill had done the trip before but with the owner of the boat so we probably were a bit more cautious.   The scenery was amazing.  We really enjoyed the ride.

I mentioned last time that we were going to go stay in an RV park where the Bryants were staying which was about 25 minutes from Lake Havasu.  (Well, it was 2 hours by boat!)  They had discovered Moabi Regional Park by Pirates Cove.  I believe it was technically in California but it gets really confusing.  Just ask our cell phones.  The time zone would change if you moved a few feet one way or the other.

Anyway, the park has peninsulas that anywhere from 2 to 8 rvs can park with full hook-up.  We got a spot at a peninsula next to Bryants.  We ended up staying two nights.   What we learned was if you want peaceful, stay during the week.  If you want partying, be there on a weekend.  We did a bit of both and enjoyed it all.  We plan on coming back to this park next year for sure.

Garry took me for a ride in the dunes on Bill Bryant’s side by side otherwise known as an off road vehicle.  I don’t remember the make.  All I know is I did not like it, will never do it again… scared the you know what out of me.  Zooming up and down scary hills just is not going to be my thing!

We borrowed Bill Bryant’s truck one day and drove about 45 miles to Bullhead City to check on our property.  We are thinking of putting it officially on the market.  Prices are starting to rebound there so we are doing homework on real estate agencies, etc.

We left Moabi at 6:30 a.m. on Sunday because we wanted to be somewhere to watch the Daytona 500 which started at 1:00 east coast time.  So, we drove 4 hours to Pahrump, Nevada.  Gotta say, driving through Las Vegas at 8:00 a.m. is the time to do it!   No traffic so smooth sailing.

Weather started changing near Pahrump… temperatures dropped, rain started.   We watched the race (well, OK, I slept through a lot of it) and had pizza that night and watched the Oscars (OK, Gar slept throught most of that!)   We woke to hear that it had snowed in Vegas and surrounding areas.  We had no snow but all the mountains had a fresh coat.  It was 18 degrees out when we woke up!   What happened to our 80 degree Arizona weather.

After Pahrump it was trying to figure out where to be for my birthday.  We ended up at a great RV park in Sparks and walked to a nearby casino.  We had a wonderful dinner in their steakhouse, drank too much champagne and gambled a bit too much too.  But isn’t that what birthdays are for?

The next day, after a little later start than normal, we fueld up and headed toward Susanville and then over to Yreka.

Speaking of fuel… dummy me.  I had forgotten all about the app Gas Buddy until just before Pahrump.  I downloaded it and it was wonderful.  Just a little click has now found us the cheapest gas in town and surrounding areas.   So far it has proven very accurate and helpful!

After a nice quiet night in Yreka, yesterday we headed to the California coast on one of our favorite routes, the Old Redwoods Highway, Hwy 96.  The trip distance to Arcata on the coast is about the same miles as the newer highway but takes more than twice as long due to twisty turns and slower speeds and lots of stops to take pictures.  That sad part of this drive and the one from Susanville to Yreka was seeing all of the damage down by recent forest fires.

So last night we ended up in Crescent City and went out to a nice seafood dinner and a quiet night back in the RV.  Today we will cross into Oregon with no destination yet in mind.  I guess wherever the road takes us.   The weather this morning is sunny with some clouds and no wind so a great day to be driving the coast.

We will be home some time this weekend.  What a great trip it has been!


2 thoughts on “Closer To Home

  1. you sure are enjoying each other, I envy you and your long lasting love,, have fun, see you soon,,,,, jim c

  2. Looking forward to seeing you. Love, Mom

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