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The Week After Mexico

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We left Mexico and drove all of about 40 miles to a little spot in the road called Why. Two miles east is a little (and I mean really little) casino with an RV park behind it. We spent a quiet night there while I got our laundry caught up. The next day’s was all of 10 miles or so back to Ajo where we had another peaceful night. The next day we headed to Yuma. First we had to fuel up in Gila Bend and I saw the funniest thing. Gila Bend is pretty much a hot and dusty crossroads for I-8 and I-95, so fuel, fast food and a couple motels and restaurants and that is pretty much it. While we were fueling I looked over at the Carl’s Jr burger place and spotted 4 Tesla charging stations. Maybe it is me, but it really seemed a pretty funny place for that!

We spent a few days in Yuma and got to catch up with our McQuade friends who are spending several months this winter at their home there. It is their first year with both Tim and Glenda being retired and they are really enjoying it. We were also able to spend some time with Bette McQuade and her friend Buzz.

We left Yuma and spent a couple nights in Parker, Arizona. The first night we dry camped in the parking lot of the Blue Water Casino. Free, right? Not so much when you add up what we lost playing blackjack that night!!! The next night we moved all of about 1/2 mile to the Blue Water RV park. We got a great spot very close to the river and found out that they were setting up for some drag boat racing in the upcoming days. Gar was bummed that we would be gone by then.

Whew! The days are speeding along. After Parker we headed to Lake Havasu City to spend a few days with Des Moines friends, Jan and Bill Lande. They had just arrived a couple days earlier and will be staying for about 6 weeks in a house they rented. Day one with them was pretty relaxing with dinner in. Jan has been without a voice for a month despite lots of medicines and visits to doctors. So when she whispers we all kinda start talking super soft, too. She is seeing a specialist here to try to figure things out.

We are almost caught up. Today is Friday the 20th. Yesterday we took the boat that Landes are allowed to use when here and we headed up the lake and then up the Colorado River to Pirates Cove and met up with Bill and Judy Bryant who are camped there on the river. We missed seeing other yacht club friends by a few days. Anyway, it was getting late in the day so we moored the boat there at a marina, had dinner, the used Bryant’s truck to drive back to Havasu. Today Gar and I will take the RV to the park where the Bryants are and we will get their truck back to them. Jan and Bill will drive up with their SUVS and the boat trailer and tow it back to Havasu. Complicated? Kind of. But it all made sense last night.


One thought on “The Week After Mexico

  1. Sure it makes sense. Even if it doesn’t, have lots of fun. Where will you be on our birthday?

    Robin Miller has been helping me with photo questions and will be hooking her mother and me up so we can quiz each other on Mac problems. Like the blind leading the halt, I think.


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