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Mexico – Day 1

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Ever since we decided to go south this winter with the motorhome, Garry has wanted to go into Mexico.  We did some research at home before we left and asked around a lot.  It was decided for a first time we would go to Puerto Penasco (aka Rocky Point).   It is about 80 miles or so south on the mainland side of the Baja.  From Ajo it was only a few hours.   We had been given the name of a reputable RV park and when we called they said they had some vacancies but none right on the ocean so off we went.

We crossed the border at Lukeville, Arizona into Sononyta, Mexico.  Lukeville is just a blip.  The Mexico customs was easy.  They just waved us through.  But we were prepared in case they chose to stop us and go through the RV.   We were totally legal with absolutely everything.  It would be stupid to take chances.   We also had purchased the almost mandatory Mexican car insurance before we crossed the border.  It was almost disappointing that we weren’t questioned about anything.   It took a few minutes to drive through the bustling little town, then off we went on the nice highway to Puerto Penasco.   We got there with no problems but my cell phone didn’t immediately lock into signals and neither did our gps in the rv so we got into town and didn’t know where to go.  In addition, the main street into town was all torn up so we had to navigate around – still not knowing where we were going.   We found the marina and the malecon but found out that we needed to head north to where the RV parks and resorts are so fortunatley the signs started to make sense and we got to Playa Bonita RV Park.   It is a large (300 stall) RV park and many people come year after year to it and stay for months.  Because it is an older RV park, the stalls are small and the large rigs these days make it very cramped quarters.   We paid for 2 mights ($24 per night) and decided that would give us time to look around and see if there was any other place we wanted to go.    I got us settled in and Gar took the Honda Trial 90 off the back of the motorhome and took off to explore.   He came back a couple hours later and said he had found “The Place For US!!!”  It was further north but not full and we could be on the beach.   We decided to lose a days payment and leave the next day, but after about 5 minutes I said – NO, let’s go now!   So we packed up and left.

The new place is the Reef Rv Park.  I don’t know how he found it because it is off on a dirt road but it was perfect for us.  Larger spaces and we were right on the beach with not neighbors on either side.  The park was about  1/3 full.  The spaces were full hook-up, meaning sewer, water and power.  The manager, Gus, didn’t charge us for our first night because we didn’t get a refund at Playa Bonita.  We said we would stay at least 3 days, maybe longer but he only made us pay for two.  The waterfront lots were $35 a night.  There was a nice little mini market there (we bought ice daily) and a fabulous restaurant next door, the Mare Blu.  It is considered one of the best if not the best in Puerto Penasco.  Next to the restaurant was a great (large) bar called Wrecked at the Reef.  Since we arrived on Friday that means date night so we had a great dinner at Mare Blu then went dancing at Wrecked at the Reef.  They have live music on Fridays and Saturdays and the band was pretty good.   The drinks were better.

We walked back to our motorhome around 11:30 under a gorgeous sky filled with stars like we see when we are in Canada on the boat in the summer.

To be continued.


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