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I don’t have many pictures from yesterday but we only drove 64 miles. Much less than poor Robin Miller who didn’t have the best of drives to Palm Desert. We left our Peoria RV park around 10:30 in the morning and headed to Costco to fuel up and to return the 65″ TV we bought, watched the game on, the decided it was too big to keep. Read a bit of tongue in cheek here. We then headed toward Chandler hoping to see friends Howard and Tanya Brown. Howard and Garry go back to when they roomed together when they were about 18 and 19 years old. They were the couple we stayed with several years ago at their place in Ecuador.

But we never made it there. We found a furniture store and bought a chair for the motorhome. It was quite challenge getting it into the motorhome. Now it has to be assembled. Then we went to Frys Electronics in Tempe to look at a navigation system for the motorhome.

Will it fit?

Will it fit?

The story about a navigation system goes back to before we left on the trip. gar had asked me to go to Car Toys and pick what I liked. We also wanted pricing to hard wire in our XM radio and put in a back-up camera. They quoted me a little over $1700 installed. Garry had a fit so he went to a different Car Toys and they quoted him close to $1600 so he bit the bullet and made the appointment to have it done they day before we were to leave on the trip. When we got there they decided that there would be more involved and it would cost more. After some choice words from Garry to them we got a refund and left with just the am/fm radio and CD player. I have been using the iPad for navigating.

So at Frys they could order what we wanted but it would take a week to get it. They mentioned a place in Tempe called Sounds Good To Me. We spent quite a bit of time there talking to the very knowledgable owners and installer and decided to go with them. They strongly recommended a blue tooth camera since wired is not so great the larger your motorhome is. They were not able to get the camera but could do everything else Tuesday morning for just over $1000 including getting things set for the camera and showing Garry what to do. So we found an rv park nearby, got one of the last places and spent the night there.

Except there was one little glitch. When we were leaving Sounds Good To Me Garry backed into a black car. He asked me wh

at was behind and I said a black car. He saw a black car. Turns out there were two… One was an SUV that I called a car so he didn’t realize there were two. So it had a broken taillight and a dented bumper. We left a note and the store people left a note for the owner but we never heard. They guys at the store said it was a regular at the bar next door and probably didn’t want to be caught there. Whew!

We were done with the installation of stuff this morning by 11:30 and headed for Chandler. It looks like we will spend the night with Howard and Tanya because the one close RV park is full. That means I can do laundry, sleep in a nice bed and take a really nice shower in the morning. The motorhome isnt bad but one sure enjoys the nicer things in a home!

Seahawk update… I found a nail salon and my green and blue polish is gone. Got that done while the motorhome was getting all rigged up. We are leaving our flags on the motorhome and are using our #12 rug every day.



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