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Game Day!!!

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So much has happened since the last post but little time to sit and write it all up. I have done several quick posts on Facebook and that is about it. I have 4 hours to kill now before game time so this is a good time to have the time pass fairly quickly.

Back to Thursday – where I left off. We made contact with Robin and she wasn’t going to get in until late afternoon so we paid $60 for a cab ride to downtown Phoenix. It wasn’t raining at the time so did a little exploring and just soaked up atmosphere. Seahawks outnumbered Patriots easily 10 to 1. We knew it would be a long taxi ride back on a Friday evening and I did not want to use a portapotty so we hit a bar across the street from the NFL experience stuff. We ended up making lots of Seahawk friends, many from Issaquah. After a few drinks Gar did a memorable table dance on a bar table and we headed out looking for a cab. We were very very very lucky and snagged one immediately.

Got back to the motorhome where Robin was waiting in the sports bar at our attached motel. Not wanting to do any driving due to rain and drinking I took pizza out of the freezer and we called it all good.

Note of interest: Looking for team attire should be easy but most of the Seahawk stuff is gone and only Patriots stuff is in the sizes we look for. But the prices are surprisingly reasonable. Decent t-shirts for $25.

Friday Bill and Judy arrived in pouring rain. Oh, have I mentioned rain? Non-stop. Just felt like home even though all the reports from home were about good weather.

My very good Nikon camera broke on Thursday. The shutter mirror is stuck.
So Robin, Judy and I headed out to a camera place in Sun City to find out it is fixable but not then and would run about $190. It would take a week so we decided to pass on that and hit grocery stores instead to restock our rvs. Later in the day Robin, Garry and I went out to a few places and went to Westgate – a mall area next to the stadium. There are tons of restaurants there, free concerts at night, etc. but raining still and the concerts are outside. We shared nachos and 2 drinks each and it was $85 so decided to not do so much there again. The five of us had burgers at the sports bar at our place. The weren’t too bad….and alot cheaper than down by the stadium.

Saturday friends from Canada – Gord and Marilyn – drove up from Mesa where they are staying for a few months and they took off with the Bryants to explore. Gar, Robin and I headed downtown, had some lunch and headed to Chase Field where the Seahawks had a huge fan fest. We stood in the rain for almost an hour waiting for the gates to open along with thousands of other fans. Lots of security to get in, but it was worth it. Lots of free giveaways like flags, green hair things, signs, capes. Free activites, loud music. It was crazy just to watch all the fans and how some decorate themselves. We finally decided to sit in the stands awhile and watch and listen as Steve Raible introduced Ring of Honor people and others. Team owner Paul Allen got a standing ovation. He spoke from his heart about his feelings about the 12s and the team. It was pretty cool.

By the time we got back Gord and Marilyn were gone. It had finally stopped raining so we barbecued steaks and had baked taters while watching football stuff on TV.

So now we come to today. We woke up to tons of fog and 6 police cars in front of our rv. Robin and I kept watching trying to figure out what was going on. Gar was in bed drinking coffee and occasionally asking for updates. The first thing we learned was that a guy or guys were held up at gunpoint. The one guy I saw was wearing a #3 Seahawk shirt. Then we found out later that the guy or guys had availed themselves of hooker services the night before so clearly they were targeted. Not too smart!

So, the report on the rv park where we are staying. It never filled out – mainly because several of the spots don’t have working electricity. But even though it is pretty spartan and there was the incident this morning it has not been bad. There are some rigs toward that back that appear to be long term tenants. We have some other Seahawk fans here and one rv with Patriot fans but I haven’t seen much of them.

Gar and Bill went to Costco today so Gar bought me a new camera – a decent Panasonic – at a decent price so that I would not have to take pictures for the rest of the trip with my iPad. Yay! I am charging the battery on it now.

We will be watching the game over in Bryant’s RV. Better seating and arrangement for everything. There was an attempt to set up outside viewing but it is too sunny (go figure!) and too much glare.

Did I mention sun? Yes! It is here and I in in shorts and sandals!

Go, Hawks!







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