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In Peoria

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We made it successfully to Peoria Wednesday mid day. We spent a fun Tuesday with Bill and Judy Bryant but we were anxious to get to our home for the next several days and try to figure out how to sample lots of the Super Bowl experience.

The RV park that my current BFF found for us is just fine. Nothing fancy but we have a nice spot and when Bill and Judy get here on Friday they will only be 2 spots away from us.

We took the advantage of no traffic and lots of time yesterday to explore the area around the stadium. We were allowed to pull into the parking lot just adjacent to the stadium and walk around and take pictures. On game day a parking stall there would be $800. Then according to the friendly security guy you go through 8 levels of security checks before you get in the stadium. Not sure if he was exaggerating but security will be tight for sure. Another super interesting tidbit was that you can stay standing during the game. If your team does good, stand and cheer and sit down so all can enjoy the experience. If you do not follow this rule you get one or two warnings before your ticket is taken away and you are escorted out.

Friend Robin Miller will be arriving this afternoon and will be staying with us. Then we will have wheels to get around easier. We haven’t told her the plan yet but we are thinking today (tonight) would be the best time to do the downtown Phoenix experience since it is supposed to be raining Friday. Then Saturday afternoon there is a great Seahawk Fan Fest at Diamondbacks stadium that sounds super fun. Not sure where we will watch the game but there is a decent sports bar here so maybe there? We have lots of time to decide that.



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