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Cold In Seattle – Football in Arizona

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Well, we have a ‘new’ used motorhome… a 31′ class C Gulfstream Ultra.  We even have a slide out!   The plan is to leave on January 24th on our first road trip which will last 4 to 7 weeks.   If the trip starts the way we hope, we will head very very quickly to Glendale, Arizona to experience some Super Bowl fun.  Of course, if the Seahawks are there the fun will be even greater.  We do not have tickets to the game but there is so much more to experience.   After many a failed attempt I found an RV park that had a couple cancellations so I snagged them.   I am thinking it was probably Denver people who were sad they were not going to the game so cancelled their trip.   I will never know, but that sounds good to me!

No trip is without challenges.   Especially with a new rig.  And the new rig is what Garry promised we take as is and decided what modifications to do later.   That didn’t last long so it is pretty much torn apart right now, but is is doing some pretty cool storage things inside so I guess I can’t complain too much!

Until we actually use it we won’t know for sure, but this RV might be the first one we have that everything works!  The generator works!   The fridge is nice and all shelves are in it.  The furnace works.  We took our good mattress from our old rig and put it in this one, so that is nice.   Nicer yet, Garry’s oldest son David, bought our old motorhome so it is gone!!

I would post a picture of the new ‘home for the road’ but for the life of me I cannot find them anywhere.  So I guess that will come later.

Go Hawks!


One thought on “Cold In Seattle – Football in Arizona

  1. Mar:

    I’m extremely excited for you guys! One of the things on my bucket list is to go to the Super Bowl . . . . especially, if the Seahawks are lucky enough to be in it. Keep us posted.

    We’ll be headed to the desert in early February in our Motorhome too! It will be our first extended (more than 1 day) trip. I’m trying to talk Kath into leaving around the 6th, 7th or 8th of February so, we can take our time, go down the coast, explore etc. before we check into the Marriott Shadow Ridge in Desert Hot Springs. We’ll be there for a week on our own from February 14th until February 22nd . . . . . then Kath’s cousins will meet us there and we’ll enjoy another approximately two weeks together at Shadow Ridge . . . . golfing, relaxing, touring, etc. Who knows, we might take in a Mariners Spring Training game in Peoria (about 4 hours away). Our reservations are over at Shadow Ridge on March 8th then we’ll head back home in the Motorhome. I’m anticipating arriving back home sometime before March 15th.

    We’ll relax (and catch up with home stuff – plant our garden, etc.) for a couple of weeks then we’re headed to Ixtapa, Mexico with Kath’s two brothers + wives. Sometime in May, Kath wants to go to Chicago to see Katy & Kurtis (Katy’s future husband) who I like very much!!

    Finally, in July I have two fishing trips planned . . . . one to Sekiu (King Salmon opener) for a week and then to Brewster, Washington (Sockeye/Kings) for a week.


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