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In Peoria

We made it successfully to Peoria Wednesday mid day. We spent a fun Tuesday with Bill and Judy Bryant but we were anxious to get to our home for the next several days and try to figure out how to sample lots of the Super Bowl experience.

The RV park that my current BFF found for us is just fine. Nothing fancy but we have a nice spot and when Bill and Judy get here on Friday they will only be 2 spots away from us.

We took the advantage of no traffic and lots of time yesterday to explore the area around the stadium. We were allowed to pull into the parking lot just adjacent to the stadium and walk around and take pictures. On game day a parking stall there would be $800. Then according to the friendly security guy you go through 8 levels of security checks before you get in the stadium. Not sure if he was exaggerating but security will be tight for sure. Another super interesting tidbit was that you can stay standing during the game. If your team does good, stand and cheer and sit down so all can enjoy the experience. If you do not follow this rule you get one or two warnings before your ticket is taken away and you are escorted out.

Friend Robin Miller will be arriving this afternoon and will be staying with us. Then we will have wheels to get around easier. We haven’t told her the plan yet but we are thinking today (tonight) would be the best time to do the downtown Phoenix experience since it is supposed to be raining Friday. Then Saturday afternoon there is a great Seahawk Fan Fest at Diamondbacks stadium that sounds super fun. Not sure where we will watch the game but there is a decent sports bar here so maybe there? We have lots of time to decide that.



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Some pictures

I have forgotten how to do some of my posts using the iPad so rather than muck up the first post I will just do a couple pictures here. If you are a Facebook friend you will have seen a couple of them already. So, here’s to not mucking up pictures.





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Blog post January 25

Well, after much prep time we are finally on the road for about five weeks in the new motorhome. I am trying to draft this post as we drive and minute ago we hit a bump. My finger hit a button and 4 paragraphs of very descriptive writing totally disappeared! Foul language was used and now I am starting again.

Gar wanted to depart at 4:00 a.m. But I was hoping and hinting for more like 6:00 a.m. The idea was to avoid a lot of traffic. We actually didn’t get off until 6:30 (I won!) but we still had almost no traffic all day. Weather in Washington was mostly drizzly but the minute we hit the bridge over to Portland it got nice and was beautiful the rest of the day.

The motorhome ran great. We traded off driving with Garry taking the 1st and last leg and I drove for three hours in the middle. It was such a good drive that we made it to Garry’s hoped for destination of Weed, California. 9.5 hours and 523 miles. We got there in time to get some gorgeous shots of Mt. Shasta.

We had a nice dinner at a bbq place walking distance from our RV park… The Friendly RV Park. It lived up to its name with the owner giving us a great spot for the night.
After dinner and a little tv and reading it was an early night. Gar wanted an early start again to get away from traffic.

So…… Up at 5:00 and on the road by 6:30. We hit dense fog once we got to Redding. If lifted slightly at Sacramento but we are in Stockton while I am writing this part of the post and there is still fog but better visibility. Our day will not be as long as what Garry was originally hoping because he told me to watch for a truck wash place so I found one here in Stockton. We ate lunch and I am writing as they are washing us.

Gas prices vary. Oregon was pretty good. We got our Fred Meyer discount at a Shell station in Medford at $1.89 a gallon, but California prices are running $2.25 to $2.59.

It is many hours and early Monday morning as I continue with our adventure.

The traffic from Sacramento started picking up and soon it was non-stop semi trucks and crazy drivers diving in and out of traffic. As we got closer to Los Angeles we made a smart decision to cut over to Bakersfield and then head a slightly different route. It was getting late in the day when we pulled into a remote RV park in Tehachapi on route 58.

As we were on our new route I got a cell phone call from our new best friend Debra, who lives with her husband in Sun City. She has been awesome about checking things out for us and passing on vital information. She and Mike drove out to where we have reservations and she said that she didn’t think it would be smart to stay there. She had also found another place – not quite as close, but not bad, and they had two spaces. She said it wasn’t fancy but definitely an upgrade and safer than the place we had. I called the guy and snagged the two spots asap! We lose our deposit at the other but that seemed the smart thing to do.

Debra – just so you know, you are probably temporary best friend. I am pretty fickle. But you sure earned it for now! Thanks!!!!


OK – more time has passed. It is Tuesday so will try to catch up. Wifi has been pretty much non existent so I have not wanted to burn too much data in doing the posts.

Monday morning we actually slept in. The park we stayed at was out of town and out by a little airport where they do gliding lessons. There was a little cafe there so we had breakfast and then headed down the road through Mohave, Boron, past Edwards Air Force Base, through Barstow, etc. The rain started by the air force base and then rained steady for most of the rest of the day. We stopped in Lake Havasu at the Home Depot for some stuff then kept on going. We stayed at on RV park in Ehrenberg near Blythe. It was late, dark, pouring down rain. The office was closed for the day so we figured out what to do and decided my plan of bbq-ing steaks did not make sense to
changed it to burgers.

We called friends Bill & Judy Bryant and found out they were about 40 miles away…… so you know where we ended up today. Garry said it wasn’t in his plan. We only went 40 miles! But I have tv on and am watching Seahawks media day and Gar is sawing something outside to modify more things on the motorhome. The rain is gone, the sun is out and we are parked 3 stalls away from good friends.

We have the Seahawk rug out, the big #12 flag up and the Seahawk Teddy bear sitting outside in a chair. Life is good today!


Driving into Arizona on I-40 there is a stop for trucks with produce, etc. There was a huge load of boxes of bees unloaded from a semi. They were spraying them with something and thousands of bees were swarming around. Every car/rv driving by took out several hundred at a time. Good thing we were stopping for fuel so Gar could scrape all the bee goo off the front of the rig.

Between the rain and the bees we need another truck wash!!!


Whew – enough already. I hope I an get a wifi signal here to be able to finally post this.

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Cold In Seattle – Football in Arizona

Well, we have a ‘new’ used motorhome… a 31′ class C Gulfstream Ultra.  We even have a slide out!   The plan is to leave on January 24th on our first road trip which will last 4 to 7 weeks.   If the trip starts the way we hope, we will head very very quickly to Glendale, Arizona to experience some Super Bowl fun.  Of course, if the Seahawks are there the fun will be even greater.  We do not have tickets to the game but there is so much more to experience.   After many a failed attempt I found an RV park that had a couple cancellations so I snagged them.   I am thinking it was probably Denver people who were sad they were not going to the game so cancelled their trip.   I will never know, but that sounds good to me!

No trip is without challenges.   Especially with a new rig.  And the new rig is what Garry promised we take as is and decided what modifications to do later.   That didn’t last long so it is pretty much torn apart right now, but is is doing some pretty cool storage things inside so I guess I can’t complain too much!

Until we actually use it we won’t know for sure, but this RV might be the first one we have that everything works!  The generator works!   The fridge is nice and all shelves are in it.  The furnace works.  We took our good mattress from our old rig and put it in this one, so that is nice.   Nicer yet, Garry’s oldest son David, bought our old motorhome so it is gone!!

I would post a picture of the new ‘home for the road’ but for the life of me I cannot find them anywhere.  So I guess that will come later.

Go Hawks!