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Final Branson Post

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I have been neglectful of posting to my blog this week. We got home at midnight Tuesday night (the 14th) and I had to quickly do a bunch of things to head out of town for a three day weekend with a bunch of girlfriends. My intent was to post about the last of the trip while we had a few lazy days on Camano Island but I came home early Saturday due to the death of a very good friend. So, I will attempt to recap the last part of our trip to Missouri and Arkansas if I can remember that far back!
I left off with pizza on Thursday night. Well, Friday morning we decided to take another road trip. This time we were going to head east. The weather predictions were for more heavy rain, wind, flash flooding, and possible tornadoes but watching the weather on TV was confusing since we weren’t familiar with the various towns and counties. Fortunately, we made a wise decision and until about 6:00 p.m. had not rain – just clouds.
We had lunch at a little cafe by a marina on Bull Shoals Lake. I am completely convinced we had stopped at this place 8 years ago on our drive back from Nashville. I think by the time we were done eating and drove through the marina and park I had pretty much convinced Garry of the same thing.
The plan was to spend a night in Mountain Home, Arkansas because I read about a classic car show on Saturday by the Wal-Mart. Unfortunately, it got cancelled due to bad weather but we had a nice time in Mountain Home. When we meandered back toward Branson on the Arkansas side of the lakes we went through a town called Yellville. It came after Gassville. Yellville was having their 69th annual Turkey Trot festival. We had just missed the parade but we stopped and walked through the festival area… very typical event. Lots of food like funnel cakes, smoked turkey legs, jambalaya plus some booths with games or selling stuff. There was a band playing so we listened awhile then headed back on our journey. I had seen on the map that there was a free ferry ride across Bull Shoals Lake so I wanted to see it and maybe take a ride. The ferry goes from Peel, Arkansas over to Protem, Missouri. It is a little tiny ferry that holds maybe six cars. It runs every 45 minutes during daylight hours only. The problem was that the ferry would take us back to the side we had just been on – the same exact roads from the day before so we rode the ferry over, then turned around and road it right back. It was really cute. They let a little boy – maybe 5 or 6 years old – go up in the wheel house and ‘run’ the boat. He was thrilled!
We got back to Branson and decided we were ready to come home. I tried to get us on an earlier flight but could not but we decided to leave Branson a day early and head to Springfield do things around there.
So, Sunday morning we headed north to Springfield. We had been told by several people that you ABSOLUTELY HAD to go to the headquarter store for Bass Pro Shops so we did. We spent a few hours there and decided to split the visit and go back again on Monday. This place is huge and very cool. Of course there is all the stuff in the world to buy for fishing and hunting but there are some great aquatic displays with live fish a many kinds, alligators, turtles – you name it. They are building a huge addition for some kind of indoor animal park. There are some great museums in the place too, so that is what we went back and saw on Monday.
There was nothing too adventurous after that. We came home through Dallas and with a slightly delayed flight out of Dallas got home about midnight on Tuesday.
We are really pleased with all we saw and did in the Ozarks and now that is off our list. Time to add some new destination.


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