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And people think it rains in Seattle! Ha! It really rains here in Missouri and Arkansas. Before we left on the trip the weather report sounded pretty good with a few showers later in the week. That rapidly changed to predicted heavy rain, lots of lightning and lots of flash flooding. And sure enough that has all happened.

Through a completely lucky way of planning our day trips out of Branson we avoided almost all rain until Friday. Wednesday was supposed to be nice and it was. Wednesday night we had an incredible lightning and rain storm that went on for hours. There was some thunder but different thunder than what we get… more of a long drawn out rumble instead of big loud bangs.

Thursday it was cloudy so we headed out west of Branson, but again the goal was down into Arkansas. We always take as many back roads as possible and that is pretty easy out here. The weather got nicer and nicer as the day went on. My goal was to see Eureka Springs. What a cool town – built in the late 1800s in the hills with very narrow streets and cobblestone like sidewalks. After the Civil War it was a popular healing place for wounded soldiers because of the natural springs. I think it was good not only for physical ailments but for mental… what we now call post traumatic stress.

Eureka Springs is now very very touristy and this week is a huge annual Folk festival so the town was hopping. I don’t see how so many small do-dad, artsy, souvenier places can be in one town but they are. We didn’t go into any shops but walked around and enjoyed imagining what it would have been like years ago.

Leaving Eureka Springs we meandered around to more lakes then slowly headed back toward Branson on a different route. We went through a town called Berryville and soon found out why we kept seeing semi trucks with loads of live chickens. Berryville’s main industry is Tyson Chicken. When you drive in you small chicken nuggets. Really! Tyson chicken processing plants, chicken farms, Tyson corn fields… And this is just one of many Tyson locations.

We got back to our place and decided to stay in for the night and watch Thursday night football so had a pizza delivered and just relaxed.

Friday morning’s weather told us about the heavy rains that had hit the area we had been in on Thursday. One of the roads we travelled most of the day was closed due to flash flooding so we sure were lucky that we went the day we did. We had mostly sunshine.


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