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Road trip is our name. Road trip is our game. Wednesday morning, after a few housekeeping things with Diamond Resorts, we hit the road. There are so many lakes here and of course we like water so we go looking for that. Many of the lakes here are because of dams built from the 1940’s to the 1960’s, so basically the dammed rivers make the lakes. The White River is the river that goes by our condo. We drove a few miles and crossed the Table Rock dam which is the dam that forms our lake by our condo. We went to their visitor center and enjoyed a movie about the history of the area and learned about the flooding and the building of the dam. If I understand almost all of the lakes here are really reservoir lakes formed by a series of dams. It is all very beautiful but also interesting to see what it was like before the dams.

We had no goal for the day. Just a road trip. But before we left Seattle I had tried some research and found a place in Jasper, Arkansas, known for its chicken fried steak. Well, you all know how Gar does love that. We happened to get to Jasper at lunch time so had to go the Ozark Cafe. Jasper has a population of less than 600 people by the way. The Ozark Cafe has been there since 1909. It was a great place. The chicken fried steak was good, but we have had as good if not better (sorry — Trip Advisor review later), but it was so friendly and the atmosphere was fantastic. Very glad we stopped.

Because we had no real no plan I just kept reading a map and telling Gar where to turn. Of course we stopped whenever I yelled “stop!” so I could take a picture.

We made it back to Branson around late dinner time so decided to go to a sports bar I had read about. We will be here on Sunday and need to find a place that will be broadcasting the Seahawks – Dallas game. Well, Gar was tired of driving so he told me it was my turn. OK… new car to me… new area.. and I had enjoyed happy hour at our place. I took the wrong turn out of our place and ended up in the Wyndham time share, so turned around and down the road I went again. Oh, oh! Blue light special. I pull over and now am thinking I am off to jail. I learned it pays to be white haired and confused looking in Branson. Our rental car has parking lights that come on automatically but not driving lights. He told me to turn them on and have a nice night! Whew!

We checked out the sports bar and that is probably where we will be on Sunday. From what I can tell with local TV listings that will be he smart thing to do if we hope to see the Seahawks win again.


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