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Time To Travel

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Well, we are on another one of our grand adventures.  We are in Branson, Missouri for a week.  Why Branson you ask?  Well, not for the usual reasons.  For the real story I need to take you back in time.  Back to New Years in Las Vegas.  Ah…. if only we could have a ‘do over’!  Oh, well.  We had a great New Year’s in downtown at the Golden Nugget and got a little caught up in things and signed up for free goodies if we attended a time share presentation (only an hour!) for Diamond Resorts.  Diamond Resorts does have a few things going for it and one is that you ‘buy’ points, not weeks, so you can use the points a gazillion different ways at different places for different numbers of days, times of year, etc.   We did not fall for it. But then they hit us with their Sampler Package.  Cheap (relatively)… the only conditions were that you had to use it in 18 months and listen to one more presentation.  Sounded great, right?  But the Sampler Package limits which resorts you can go to and the only one that was in an area that we were interested in seeing more of was Branson…  So that is why we are here.   But here is the surprising part.   We are not here because of the shows, etc.  We want to experience more of the Ozarks that we had a tiny taste of about 8 years ago on a RV driving trip home from Nashville through the Ozarks.

Day One starts with an early arrival to SeaTac (thank you Darrel Miller for the ride).  We had plenty of time to get through security, even with me forgetting to take my cell phone out of my pocket.   We had a chance to check bags at the boarding gate for free so decided to check one of our carry on bags.  Not the b est decision.  And because I planned this trip a little bit last minute for good airfare and flight times we were not seated together AND we both had middle seats.  That is the end of the world for Garry.  But we made it to Chicago fine when I remembered our boarding passes for the next leg were in our checked luggage.  Fortunately we had lots of time so we got them replaced, had lunch and a good drink then on to Springfield, Missouri.  Garry forgave me for the middle seat when he had Fi

rst Class.  Well, it was a window and isle seat on a little plane but it was up front so he was happy.

We got to Springfield and got a nice no charge upgrade on our rental car and drove to Branson.  We saw that incredible full moon on our 50 mile drive to Branson.  We arrived in the dark…. it was confusing… but we got checked in to our room and called it a day.


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  1. dale let me in the house , found the keys to the bar Club meeting there Saturday night

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