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Blog post July 25

It is so frustrating not to be able to post pictures when the wifi is too weak. I keep taking them and I can’t share them on the blog. I am able to post them to my Facebook page which is weird, but it is what it is.

Like I mentioned in the last post we spent a second night at Homfray Lodge. Sandpiper, Millers’ Time and Ocean Blue moved on. We got to meet new neighbors when those old ones left. We met a great couple – Herb and Willie on Willie’s Tug. It is a 31′ Ranger Tug (made just up the road from us in Des Moines/Kent). Herb and Willie are from Texas and we had a great time at happy hour talking with them and spending more time with Suzanne and Richard on the Limelight. Scott and Dave from the Lodge joined us again.

Willie has a great blog that you should check out. It is They are very active with the Ranger Tug group and had been to the Ranger Tug rendezvous and were continuing traveling up north for awhile.

We left Homfray Lodge Wednesday morning and based on what Sandpiper and Another Bill had said, it looked like our secret spot down several miles might be open. It is a little nook that holds maybe two boats and it is tucked back so you come right up to it thinking you have it and BAM! A sailboat is usually tucked way back in. But we lucked out and set our anchor and stern line just in time for it to start raining. It rained… and rained…. and rained. In the middle of the raining our fresh water pump quit working so I put some big pans out to catch water. By the next morning there was over 3 inches of water in the pans.

Fortunately with the water pump Gar was able to figure out the problem and we had everything working again in about an hour.

We got up Thursday to rain and gloom. No fun fishing and we can’t prawn because we are by ourselves without Bill to use his pot puller for us, so we decided to head south. We should have stopped in Powell River to fuel up, but continued on to Pender Harbor where we fueled up and spent the night. Even with our large volume discount, the fuel was 60 cents a gallon cheaper in Powell River. Expensive lesson learned.

We really like staying at Fisherman’s Marina in Pender Harbor. They welcome you back by name. I know they don’t really remember us each year, but they keep you in their computer so when you arrive they call you by name and ask all about you. It’s a nice touch.

We took the dinghy around the corner to Hospital Bay Pub and Grill and had an OK dinner. We went to bed pretty darn early because we were planning on leaving at 5:30 in the morning to head across the Straits of Georgia. Morning winds tend to be less, so it usually works.

Well, with the tide one way and the winds the other it was not the best crossing but I have been in many many worse ones. We had called the night before and made reservations at Silva Bay Marina on Gabriola Island. We have never been here before but it seemed like a great place to check out. Because we left Pender Harbor so early we were at Silva Bay at 9:00 but the marina manager, Jennie, was there to greet us and help us tie up. This is another very friendly place. Our big mistake was not taking on water in Pender Harbor because they only have water here on the fuel dock so we are conserving water until tomorrow when we will run our watermaker while we move on to another place.

The day started cloudy but now is nice and sunny and it feels great. Just about perfect for a nap.

Sandpiper and Another Bill are further south than us. Millers’ Time is hoping to leave Campbell River super early tomorrow, weather permitting, and head this way. Darrel safely traveled back to Seattle for his chemo and got back to Campbell River mid-day today.

You are now up to date….pictures when I can.


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