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Heading south. Kind of….

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Blog Post July 22
We are back at Homfray Lodge after 3 great days in Ramsay Arm where we got to show Garry’s favorite place to MIllers’ Time (Darrel and Robin) and Ocean Blue (Brian and Karen). Also in the group was Double Eagle, Another Bill and Sandpiper. I have no idea what the deal is this year at Ramsay but it rained again! Not the best way to show off a place! We got there Friday afternoon and it started raining that night. It poured that night but slowed enough in the morning to do some clamming and oystering. Poor Frank Keenan had hurt his back and it was getting worse so they decided to start heading back for home where he can have it checked out.

This is the first year in many many years that we won’t be heading any further north than Desolation Sound which means our annual Karlukwees Open (golf tournament) would have to be somewhere else. What better place than Ramsay Arm.

So, Saturday afternoon in rain the 2014 Ramsay Arm Open took place. Last year’s winner was not there to defend his championship and last year’s 2nd place participant decided to withdraw instead of getting wet. This gave a chance for Garry to finally move up the leaderboard. Little did he know that a ringer came in. There were 6 participants… Again, I placed third, Gar placed 2nd and Darrel Miller (aka Ringer) won the tournament. He claims he has rarely golfed and Gar claims foul since his wife was one of the judges. But it was legit and the elusive trophy once again was not Garry’s.

During the tournament the rain quit and the rest of our stay there was perfect weather.

Sunday Garry and I cooked a big Sunday brunch for the whole group… not one thing healthy for us in the whole breakfast. Several bottles of champagne were involved, also. Many thanks to the boats that contributed the bubbly!

After a brief rest Garry decided it was time to attempt kneeboarding. Using Bar Bill (Another Bill’s tender) he made it up his first try and once again said “I am not going to be doing this when I’m 100”. Brian Kelly decided to give it a try and after one interesting attempt got going great the second time up. Both kneeboarders need to work on their dismounts, though. Lots of splashing and tumbling involved.

We left Ramsay Arm Monday mid-day and came back to Homfray Lodge. We were fortunate that Scott and Dave got creative in the docking so by med-tying (stern to the dock) we got all five boats in. Both their mooring bouys were used, too. A full house for them plus all their cabins are full. There is a huge group from Seattle with a large boat, their tender and then a few cabins filled. Lots of kids having a blast in the water. There was one little boy – maybe 3 or 4 – dragging a kayak down the dock so he could go kayaking. It was so funny. But he got it down to the adults and he got to go in it. They kept him on a rope and pulled him around.

We have a huge happy hour/appetizer night with new friends from the Limelight (a 47′ Bayliner from Victoria) and Scott and Dave joining us. Tons of food and we had early birthday cards and candles for Robin to blow out. Her birthday is Wednesday when she will be in Campbell River by herself, as Darrel flies home that day for chemo on Thursday.

We are staying again tonight at Homfray Lodge (today is Tuesday). After that we are truly up in the air. Without going to the Broughtons this year everything is off schedule.


One thought on “Heading south. Kind of….

  1. Put the pointy southbound and we’ll be here !!

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