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Questions have come up about our dinghy and how it is doing. Well, we have learned we can survive without reverse but it is not always easy. And we have learned the the motor doesn’t like to always run that good. But it is running.

It tried to find its way back home last week when we were back at Sidney Bay. It untied itself and was drifting away so Bill took me out to capture it.

Gar and I also hiked up an old logging road when we were at Sidney Bay looking for wild blackberries. We couldn’t find blackberries but picked a lot of black caps – enough for a pie. I picked berries with a swivel head…. there was lots of evidence of bear in the area so I wanted to make sure I was at least one step ahead of Garry if one decided to come our way. You don’t need to be fast, just not the slowest.

I mentioned prawning has not been great. To make things worse, we had a mishap with our pots and pot puller and the pot puller and it’s bracket are at the bottom of the inlet. We saved the pots but now have be extra nice to Bill or Frank if we go prawning again because they have pot pullers.





2 thoughts on “Misc tidbits

  1. Yum, yum!

  2. Wait, are you saying Gar is gimpy and slow? Also, did you get my note a while back that shrimping is likely only to get worse over the next couple years. Blame it on the sea star die off due to the wasting disease. Sea stars eat urchins. With sea stars dead, urchin numbers explode. And guess what urchins eat? Shrimp larvae. There you have it. No more record shrimp catches for you. You better figure out how to keep the sea stars healthy.

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