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Big Bay Revisited

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Blog Post July 17

We are back in Big Bay. We have been waiting for good friends Robin and Darrel Miller to get underway from Des Moines to join us, but between boat problems, Darrel’s chemo, more boat problems and more boat problems we were concerned if they would make it up this far.

After some repairs in Ganges, then more parts and repairs in Nanaimo, they crossed the Straits of Georgia yesterday in horrible seas – at least 6 footers – in their 24′ boat, Millers’ Time. It was a pretty nasty crossing. They stopped in Westview to fuel and and instead of stopping decided to keep on slogging to hopefully meet up with us. We knew that they were across but would have completely got it if they decided to just stop and relax, but all of sudden they were here! Tired and sore from hanging on and from the stress, but here. Then a couple hours later Frank and Trish Keenan, in their Tollycraft Double Eagle, pulled in. They had been following the progress of Millers’ Time and wanted to spend time with them, too.

We celebrated with happy hour and the last of our steamer clams. Later after everyone had dinner, the managers of Big Bay came down with a banana cream pie and they stayed and we all had dessert on our boat. We are all so impressed with what a great place this is to stay.

Tomorrow most of us are moving on to Ramsey Arm. Then we are not sure what, but Darrel needs to be in Campbell River by Tuesday for a flight back home for chemo then back up again. There is so much up here they want to see and hopefully the good weather holds so they can enjoy all the beauty up here. Plus Darrel is a fishing addict. He and Bill Lande went out at 5:00 a.m. and came home with a salmon that will be dinner tonight, I think. Bill caught the fish, but Darrel cleaned it. How did that happen???

Sandpiper has been to some other anchorages so we have not been in contact quite as much but when they learned Millers had made it up this far decided to come join us. There are six boats in the marina and Des Moines Yacht Club is five of them.




One thought on “Big Bay Revisited

  1. This was nice to read. You have some great friends who love boating and fishing as much as you and Garry.

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