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Phone booth and prawns

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Blog Post July 12
Prawns, at last, kind of

We left Sidney Bay to travel so a very remote little anchorage hoping for some prawning success. Another Bill came along with us. But before we really left the Sidney Bay area we went across the inlet to what we call the “phone booth”. There is a strong phone signal from a tower over at Kelsey Bay many miles away and if we bob in the water we are able to text, check messages, check emails, etc. It was good to find out what was going on at home and with fellow boaters making their way toward us.

So we anchored early afternoon and the guys put out the prawn pots. They have had so many disappointments that they decided not to check them until the next morning.

No disappointment but no jumping up and down. We both got some prawns and will be enjoying them for sure! There is just not the quantity we have had in the past.

The results of the new prawn pot vs our old style. The new one is out performing the old one by about 3 to 1 so far, but it is weird. Sometimes the pot that got some prawns is empty the next time. It is really hit and miss. I can tell you that we are not unhappy with the new pot. If the prawning was better we could give a more definitive report.

I have a grading method I use for the prawns. This comes in super handy when I freeze them so I know what I have in each container.
Salad Shrimp – the really small ones that are barely worth the effort of cooking and peeling.
Medium – better for salad than the itty bittys.
Large – great for snacking and in fettuccine, etc.
XL – extra large – great for everythiing
XXL – double extra large – be selfish and keep them for yourselves. No sharing!

It has been very very hot. Even though the winds have been strong on all the straits when we anchor we are always trying to stay out of the wind. Well, we have accomplished that for sure. On Saturday, in the shade, it hit 102 degrees and not a breath of wind. Unfortunately the water was not looking clean enough to swim in so dabbling the feet was as much as I would do. BUT I realized I had taken my ice packs from the chiropractor in case of any back strains, etc, so I grabbed them out of the freezer from time to time and Gar and I enjoyed a little respite from the heat. He did learn that putting it on the head caused an ice cream headache, though.


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