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Cordero Lodge

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Blog Post July 9
Are we crabby? Not us! Maybe Bill and Simon were because Gar was the only one catching crab the last couple of days but this morning they both got a few so we are all happy crabbers. But unhappy sleepers. The winds really kicked up causing rollers in where we were anchored in Thurston Bay. Bounce, bounce, slap, slap. Could not wait for daylight this morning! We are at Cordero Lodge tonight. Another Bill went to Blind Channel for fuel then came over to join us. Sandpiper is staying at Blind Channel. we are seeing very few boats … Even over at Blind Channel it is slow.

Cordero Lodge was sold two years ago. Last year was the first year we had not gone there in 26 years so we decided to give it a try. The biggest change is the menu. In the past only dinner was served and it was fabulous German food. Not a large menu but always good. They have kept one schnitzel item on the menu but have several other things. They also offer lunch and breakfast. Jan and I are tempted to taste their eggs Benedict, but we may not stay that long in the morning.

We called Sandpiper on the VHF and found out there were only 6 boats at Blind Channel Resort. Unheard of. There were 7 boats at Cordero so that is good for them.

The winds have been bad all day. Gale warnings in the Johnstone Straits with winds up to 40 knots. It was a great night to be on a dock. I am writing this at 6:45 a.m. The winds are better. We are moving on to somewhere today.. We have a couple places in mind.



One thought on “Cordero Lodge

  1. well wind and all be safe, ( great race everyone safe) wonderful water

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