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Blog post July 7

There is such a contrast from being in other parts of Desolation Sound and the Stuart Island/Big Bay part. It is mind boggling. Just to the south side of the Community Dock where we are staying is what I would call a compound. One larger home (but not over the top) and about 8 cabins. Several docks with power to them. Don’t know who the owner is but he has a little helipad. The compound is only for family and friends and he just flies people in and out to use the place. I was told he owns the 3 wells on the island and supplies all the water to the island. I would not want to get on his bad side, that is for sure!

Then across the water looking west is a private resort that the owner of London Drugs built. Float planes are landing constantly taking guests back and forth. The resort has their own fleet of guided fishing boats.

Then to the north (and out of sight) is the property/compound owned by Dennis Washington. Be sure and google him. He was born in Spokane. He is something like the 9th richest person in the U.S. He has a couple huge yachts – about 5 stories tall – and one is here now. We heard that sometime in the next week he is having a birthday party. If I calculate correctly it will be his 80th. Supposedly Oprah will be in attendance. Don’t know if she will be on her yacht or be flown in. The RCMP will be in the area for security. Helicopters are flying to his place at least once an hour.

Then yesterday we saw a huge 5 story yacht anchored off another island just before Stuart Island. It is owned by a wealthy Vietnamese man. Yesterday he had his helicopter fly to Campbell River to buy razor blades for him… at least that is what we were told.

When we leave here later today, it will be back to the normal boating scene we are used to… the Lifestyles of the NOT so Rich and Famous!

If these pictures download, one is of the compound next to us and one is of the resort across the water. I hope they download.




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