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Blog Post July 6

We left Homfray Lodge mid-day on Friday and headed to Ramsay Arm for a couple of nights. Another Bill stayed at Homfray Lodge – needing their internet and printer for their real estate deal back home. On our way we heard from Sandpiper. They were at a crossroads (if there is such a thing in the water) and when they they heard we were going to Ramsay Arm they turned that way instead of a different place. It was much cloudier and a bit of a wind that settled nicely that night.

The logging camp that was all set up last year was completely done and had moved on to some new location. The place looked so different with the hill cleared off like it was.

They guys were all excited to finally try some prawning, clamming, oystering and fishing. We bought a couple new fancy shmancy shrimp pots before we left so Gar put one old one and one new one on a string to compare the results. The pots were left in overnight since it was fairly late by the time they were put in the water.

We woke up to rain, rain, rain Saturday morning. The clam tides are not good this week, but Gar went to the clam beach in the rain and got a few and got some oysters. He then came back to pull his prawn pots. The good news is that the new pot out-performed the old one 9 to 1. Exactly. 9 in one and one in the other. He rebaited and then later in the day pulled again. Only 4 this time. But the commercial prawners had just finished so it is usually a while before we get more. Hopefully in the next several days we will be in another favorite prawning spot and have better results.

Lots of indoor projects due to the rain, but Gar did go fishing in the afternoon and catch a couple nice red snapper. After dinner and a few episodes of House of Cards, it was bed time.. Only to wake up to more rain! But we all want clams to we dinghy down to the clam beach in the pouring rain. We had better luck so are soaking the clams to have steamers later.

We heard Another Bill calling us on the radio yesterday afternoon to let us know they were going to Stuart Island (Big Bay) Community Dock where there is wifi and phone to continue dealing with their real estate deal. This is a dock that used to be a government dock back when the Big Bay Marina was still here. After it pulled out the community was able to get some government grants and add docks and improvements and it is now a nice place to stop. They have a little store, laundry, water, liquor store, wifi, good phone signal and the caretakers this year bake fresh bread and cinnamon roles each day. Moorage isn’t too bad – $1 a foot. $5 to fill your boat with water. We may leave tomorrow to travel elsewhere or we may stay. Who knows…



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  1. Hi, I am enjoying your blogs. It’s good that Desolation Sound is still in operation for the boaters. Your pictures are nice, too. Sandy Date: Sun, 6 Jul 2014 21:48:23 +0000 To:

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