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Blog Post July 4
Happy 4th of July! Happy Independence Day! We are at the Homfray Lodge in Homfray Channel (www, or see them on their Facebook page.)

We left Squirrel Cove on the 1st. Sandpiper was going to stay another day and then go a different direction than us, with the plan we will meet up again pretty soon. Another Bill left going the direction we were going. There was some successful bottom fishing done by us and Another Bill on our way to Homfray Lodge.

The Lodge is owned by 3 brothers – Dave, Scott and Matt Macey. It has been open now for 3 years, I think. We found it the first year on the day they got their permit to be open, so technically were their first guests. We didn’t stay here last year but Jan and Bill did. Dave and Scott are here most of the time, with Matt off at work, but Matt stays on top of all web stuff so he is real active in the place too.

There is a great dock here, the lodge, some cabins, a tent area, wifi and good water. We have had such a good time here we have spent two nights. There are a gazillion young kids who are loving the water – whether it is fishing, swimming, boating. Brings back memories! Most of the kids are grandkids of the owners and a bunch of their friends. There is a great bonfire every night and good conversation all day with people.

I must confess one thing to those of you who saw my Facebook post of some gorgeous salmon. I am a very bad person because I led everyone to believe we had caught them. In fact the salmon were caught by 3 boys – ages about 8 to 10. They were beyond excited. The largest fish was just over 17 pounds. Gar and Bill missed the morning bite so they got up this morning to go out too. Hopefully they will be back in a couple hours with something that looks the same.

Last night I was able to try out my acting skills and it is probably safe to say I won’t win any academy awards. Dave’s 16 year old grandson is making a series of little movies to put on the Lodge’s Facebook page. All about some Homfray water monster. Last night he was filming of a part of the movie with the younger kids swimming in the water and the monster was supposedly over by the swim raft. My role was to jump fully clothed into the water – great fear on my face – as I looked over to the raft. I am pleased to report the water here is not as cold as home.. And all the young kids swam with me to the ladder and kept asking if I was OK and did I need help. I must look ancient to them. I took a nice hot shower and then went up to the campfire to discuss my role with the director since I only had one take. He promised it would not be left on the cutting room floor.

Today we are going to head to Ramsey Arm for a couple days. Then we will meander on to somewhere else.

The phone booster does not work here at Homfray Lodge. They say they have tried every booster available but they are just too hidden to get a good signal. It will be interesting to see if we get anything at Ramsey Arm.

Hope you all have a safe and sane 4th. I will catch up with you later.



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  1. Mar:

    Great posts!

    Got back from Sekiu. Caught a 35 pound salmon (see facebook for pictures) but, had to throw it back. Released over 35 natives (wild) salmon and came home with six (6) in three days of fishing. The ratio was about 9 to 1 for wild versus keeper hatchery Kings.


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