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Blog Post June 30

Just killing time in Powell River while Gar hits the marine store before we leave, so I thought I would tell you about fishing licenses in Canada. The past several years we have gone on-line to purchase our fishing licenses. It is a super slick awesome system – completely unlike the way we have to get them in Washington. At home I go to Fred Meyer (or Big 5, etc) stand in line, tell them what I need and then all sorts of paper things start printing off. It is like wide adding machine tape, but shiny. And it always curls up in bunches.. You get multiple things that then have to be somehow folded and put in a little plastic holder.

The Canadian system is simple. Fill in the personal info, say what type of license you want, put in credit card info and hit print. One page, 8 1/2 x 11 – just sign it and keep it on you when fishing.

But here is the twist this year. There is a huge push in Canada to eliminate any in person purchasing of licenses with the goal being all on-line. So for those who have always boated to Canada and purchased a license the old fashioned way you are in for a bit of a surprise. Most of those places are no longer selling licenses. Bill Lande was going to buy his in Nanaimo where he always does and found out there is no place in Nanaimo selling them. In fact, he was told there were less than 10 places in B.C. that can sell them the old way. One is here in Powell River, but the place that sells them is not open on Sundays so he is in town now hoping they are open soon. If not he will have to find a place (like the library) with a computer and printer and go on-line to buy one.


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  1. Sorry I should have let you know. It happened to me too.

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