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Canada Day

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Blog Post July 1

Happy 147th birthday, Canada! It is Canada Day and we are in very warm and sunny Squirrel Cove. If you had asked me two days ago if we be stopping in Squirrel Cove this year the answer would have been a big fat “NO!”. It is one of Garry’s lesser favorite places because it is usually packed wall to wall with boats. However that is where Sandpiper went (they like watching all the action) and Another Bill needed to use the fax machine at the Squirrel Cove store.

So, we left Powell River late morning and headed to Desolation Sound. On the way to Squirrel Cove we stopped to drag a hook through the water. Two red snapper and two sole later (thank you very much, Roger’s Hazzard’s fishing hole) we headed to Squirrel. Another Bill was rafted off of Sandpiper already so we rafted to the other side, put out a second anchor and then Bill put out a stern anchor so we wouldn’t swing around and get front anchors tangled. Being so early in the boating season there were only 5 boats in the cove instead of the usual 40 to 100 so it was very peaceful. A pretty large boat came in right after us that had been across the dock from us in Nanaimo. We laughed about it following us because Yvonne said it had been with them in Montague Harbor the day before the Nanaimo day. But this is the reality of up north. You tend to run into the same boats over and over and over.

For those of you reading this that boat up here, we took a peak at Refuge Cove marina when we passed by and I saw only two boats there. Again, later in the summer it will be jam packed.

Being at anchor for the first time means getting a few gremlins out of the way. The first big one was that the inverter would not charge while we were running the generator. This is not good because that is what we need it to do. By this morning Garry had figured out the very simple problem and all is good. Except in the excitement of trying to get it to work last night the switch to the ice maker got turned off so when I opened it this morning it was a semi soggy mess. My intent was to bag ice for other uses but instead I got to complete defrosting the ice maker.

Then Gar took me for a dinghy ride using the 50 hp motor that won’t go in reverse. It went really really fast until we slowed it down and then it died and would not keep running. Simon is trying to convince him to put the 30 horse and but he wants to check the plugs, etc., before he throws in the towel (again).

But first things first on the boat. Garry and Simon are installing a new antenna to hook up to the phone booster which seems to help quite a bit when trying to use the cell phone. When hooked up the phones are going from 2 bars to 4 bars. It will be interesting to see how it works when we are in an area with less coverage than we have in Squirrel Cove. We have learned over the years that texting uses a different frequency or bandwidth or something like that so you need less of a signal to text which is nice because we have free unlimited texting here.

It was sooo hot today! Sounds like we were having the same weather as Seattle. We hit 95 degrees and not a breath of wind. Plus it was pretty humid. Maybe just a few degrees cooler would be nice.




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