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You Take What You Can Get

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Here I am sitting on hard concrete in the shade of a building so I can use the free wifi at the Westview Marina.   There are benches but all in the hot sun.  I know… Boo hoo!

We departed Nanaimo at 5:00 this morning.   Thanks to Yvonne, our expert weather person, we decided it was a “go”.  She actually got up at 4:00 a.m. To listen to the morning weather update, then called me.  I then called Jan and as soon as it was daylight we took off.  I honestly think it was the smoothest crossing I have ever made.  We got to Westview/Powell River marina by 9:30, fueled up and got a spot for the night.  Another Bill is also here, but Sandpiper kept on going to Squirrel Cove  in Desolation Sound.  we will eventually all meet up but for now it is cell phone, text or VHF radio.

So now you know the latest and greatest.  It may be a few days or more before I can post again.  We are heading to the area with less communication available.



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