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Blog Post June 29

Wednesday night was a pretty early night for us…. watched part of a movie and fell asleep. It was great sleeping in – well, for us sleeping in. We were having coffee in bright sunshine at 6:45 a.m.

Jan and Bill arrived around 10:30. Boy, they must had a really early start to catch the 9:00 ferry from Anacortes! We were laughing about the advantages and disadvantages of how we all get organized to leave for a long boating trip. We have the advantage of packing everything very easily at home. We are just a walk away from the boat. But the then it is a day or two of underway before we feel like we are on vacation. This year we were good with the Straits of Juan de Fuca but that is not always the case. Jan and Bill already have their boat in Garrison Bay for several weeks, so that means they must load everything from home, pack it tightly into their truck and hope they don’t forget anything because they can’t run home and easily get it. There is no right or wrong way. It is all a lot of work but well worth it.

Besides a nice walk yesterday, we borrowed Bill’s truck to run into Friday Harbor to go pick up a couple little things. While we were there we walked to the marina and said hi to fellow Des Moines Yacht Club members, Steve and Diane Sewell. They are spending a few days in the area along with a couple of yacht club friends and then heading to Victoria for Canada Day.

Our hosts (the owners of the property where we are staying) arrived late afternoon and then the six of us went back into Friday Harbor for dinner. Many thanks to Dave and Doreen for the hospitality of their dock.

Thursday day and even more into the night was extremely windy even though it was sunny and warm. Crazy wind! It was nice be tied to a dock, for sure. I woke up several times during the night to waves slapping against the side of the boat, then in the early morning hours it started to rain. Since it was not the most perfect of weather for moving on I somehow convinced Gar to stay one more night at Garrison. The new plan became to leave Friday morning with the Landes traveling with us. We will head to Nanaimo and clear customs there, then find a place for the night and hopefully by Sunday morning the wind and water gods are smiling on us and we can cross the Straits of Georgia without any big issues.

UPDATE: I am writing on Saturday afternoon while sitting at a Starbucks in Nanaimo.

We ended up staying Friday night also at Garrison. The weather on Friday wasn’t so great so somehow again I convinced Gar to spend one more night. He was able to get a lot of projects done while on the dock. Our new Raymarine chart plotter/fish finder is all installed and is wonderful. I figured out how to Bluetooth it to the iPad so we can have if up on the bridge, too. Pretty awesome. He also hooked up the new 24 volt charger for the bow thruster batteries and it works great, too! We fired up the diesel heat for the first time on the trip and it works!!! we are on a roll…

Jan and Bill have the joy of trying to close on the sale of their rental house while boating. I don’t envy them. Hopefully it will all come together without too many headaches.

So, we left Garrison at 7:00 a.m. That gave us perfect timing to go through Dodd Narrows at slack tide. We were able to call Canadian customs from our boat to clear entry into Canada, the got one of the last 2 slips in the marina. Jan and Bill got the last one. It is very windy but we are hoping to leave tomorrow to cross the Straits of Georgia. We have caught up with Sandpiper (Simon and Yvonne Josowitz). They are on a mooring buoy in the bay here. It is so rough and windy we don’t know if we will attempt to dinghy over to visit them.

Now that we are in Canada I can buy some fresh produce that we are not allowed to bring across the border. Might be having some corn on the cob tonight. the raspberries look good, too. I will probably buy some sausage rolls because no one makes them better!

So, I think you are now caught up. Until later…..


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