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First Full Day


Well, we left Des Moines almost on schedule. Only 15 minutes late, so for us that is on time. It was sunny and calm. And then 15 minutes into our trip our first adventure happened. We were almost to Three Tree Point when I spotted a 13″ Boston Whaler adrift with no on on board. We contacted the Coast Guard but the boat seemed clearly to be just adrift as the motor was in the up position and no sign of a missing person or anything like that so we did not have to stick around. We had given the WN boat number to the Coast Guard so they were going to try to locate the owner. They also did a broadcast to anyone in the area about the boat and by 8:00 a.m. the boat was recovered and the owner had it back.

We hit fog off and on once we got to Elliott Bay and by the time we were at Pt. Townsend it was pretty heavy fog. The waters were pretty good and the predictions were for a good crossing of the Straits of Juan de Fuca so we decided to head out. Just a few miles out the fog lifted and we had wonderful water – just a few small swells from time to time – and lots of sunshine.

Just before entering Mosquito Pass on San Juan Island there was the usual fleet of whale watching boats and kayak whale watchers. We skirted them, but then there were orcas just at the entrance to Mosquito Pass so it took a bit longer to get in to Garrison Bay, but we were tied up and and enjoyed the sunshine by 2:20 p.m. Not a bad first day.

The dock we stay on belongs to friends of ours and it is also where Jan and Bill Lande (boat name Another Bill) keep their boat all summer when they are not out on it. But our first night at Garrison we were by ourselves as the home owners were not here and Jan and Bill would not be arriving until Thursday.

I am using my new iPad wireless keyboard and doing a draft of my post so when I have wifi or turn on my cellular plan I can quickly (well, I hope quickly) copy and paste it on to the blog. And I also need to remember how post pictures when using the iPad so if some of my blog posts are not so great, you will know why.


2 thoughts on “First Full Day

  1. You write really well; I feel like I’m riding along with you. Thanks for your email.

  2. Those pesky orcas… slowing your progress! You realize, most people are EXCITED to see them (and pay good money to do so, in fact!) 🙂

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