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Step by Step… Inch by Inch


We are getting ever so closer to leaving on vacation.  Every time I make a list I end up adding to it.  Then when I am at the various stores I still see things I think I should buy, so I do.  Good thing we have two freezers!  Packing, loading, organizing (no, wait, no organizing yet), yard work, laundry.  

Our goal is to leave Wednesday morning at 5:30 a.m. to run with the tides and currents to Pt. Townsend, then depending on the water and wind we either keep on across the Straits of Juan de Fuca or we press on.   It is funny because I looked at the archived posts I did last year and I could have almost cut and pasted them.   We are hoping to leave on the same day of the month as last year, and the destinations the same.

Technology will be different this year.  I have an iPad so not using my Netbook.  We have a booster for a phone signal so may have more bars (phone bars, not drinking bars) than in past years.  That meant changing the phone plan to the Canada/Mexico plan for Verizon because if we have more signal we make more calls.  

Gar is still working on getting our motor to our dinghy working right, but I know he will prevail…maybe…

So, this is my only picture so far.  It is of all my freezer containers.  I had to gather them together, find the matching lids, and get them to the boat to use for all the prawns, clams, etc, that I will need to freeze along the way….. we hope.

Have a nice Saturday night.  More posts to come.



6 thoughts on “Step by Step… Inch by Inch

  1. So many fish here now. Don’t tell anybody. Lol

    Sent from my iPhone


  2. have you guys be safe

  3. fun gees =:)))

  4. The time has flown by and we haven’t had a chance to met up before you leave. Hope you ge t all the work done, can depart on time/schedule and have a wonderful summer.

    Love and hugs form Mom

  5. Mar:

    Thanks for the update. Keep us posted . . . . as I’m sure you will. Every year when you start your trip and then during the trip (from your postings) it gets my boat juices {wanting to have a bigger boat} flowing again. But, like all previous years it’s just wishful thinking. At this stage (68 yrs. old) I’m not sure it’s going to happen. About three years ago I was ready to pull the trigger on a 2001, 42′ Grand Banks Yacht that was in awesome condition, twin screws, two staterooms, two heads, dingy w motor, custom cabinetry . . . etc. Kathryn at the last minute said to me . . . . “it just doesn’t feel right.” So, in order to continue “Happy Wife, Happy Life”, it didn’t happen.

    I’m making a King Salmon trip to Sekiu this year. Leaving Tuesday, July 1st and returning Friday, July 4th. It’s the opener for Area 5 and, I hope we’ve timed it right. Going with my brother-in-law (Buzz) and hope to do well. Lots of packing . . . . . but, not quite as much as you.

    I’m also, leaving for the Columbia River this year from July 27th to August 1st. I’m going to stay in Pateros [Lake Pateros MotorInn], and fishing the Brewster Hole just outside of the town of Brewster. The targeted Salmon will be initially Sockeye and hopefully some fresh out of the ocean King Salmon. My other brother-in-law (Denny) will join Kathryn and I from Sunday (July 27th) through Tuesday, July 29th and then a friend (Scott) who I coached Little League baseball will join us from Tuesday through check-out on Friday, August 1st. I have a friend who works for Washington Department Of Fish and Game {Chad Jackson – Fish Biologist in the Ephrata Office} who might join us for a day somewhere in-between. In both trips I’m taking our vacuum packer with the hopes we will be able to bring something home for the freezer and smoker.

    Keep us posted.


  6. Sounds like you have a full summer, too! Enjoy it… tell Kath to start blogging!

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