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After a very long day of flying, but not a single glitch, we arrived home right on schedule Sunday night.  It was a fantastic trip and a place we would love to go visit again in a couple years.   The problem is that there are so many places to see and so little time!


We had all day Saturday to kill before our midnight flight so we were able to go to the Saturday market.  It is a big deal there.  It starts at 6 a.m. and goes until 2:00 or so.  Lots food, crafts, music, dancing and again, locals and tourists.   We spent a few hours there and were lucky enough to get back to our room just before the rain started.   We had been extremely lucky with almost no rain as the rainy humid season starts in November.   Well, it started raining at 3:00 in the afternoon and was still raining when we left for the airport.  But it was a warm rain!Image


We only got to see one wedding but here is a picture of the wedding party coming back from the island they were married on.

Here are a couple pictures from our last dinner at the Windjammer.   The one is of our yummy dessert. Image The other is of us and Chef Carlo.  He told me how to make the really cool design on the dessert plate.  I might try it some day.Image

A funny story about LAX.  We were originally supposed to be on an Alaska Airlines Flight from LAX to Seattle, but there was a little hiccup in the plans that came up before we left so we were switched to a Delta flight.  Well, we are able to visit certain club lounges using an American Express program called Priority Pass.   Alaska Airlines Board Room on a different terminal is one.   Delta is on terminal 5, and no Priority Pass lounge there.  We decided to go to the Delta Sky Room and talk our way in.   After all, we were flying first class.   When we got to the room there were several long lines of people checking in so Gar just kinda sidled by the end of the lines into the lounge.  I momentarily thought about getting in line then just slunk in behind him.   We got to their free bar and near their free food and watched football and Nascar for a few hours til our flight.    OK, here’s the funny part.   I was checking all the services we get with our Amex platinum card and one is free access to the Delta Sky Room.   Joke is on us!   We were legal!

Kudos to Air New Zealand!   Their service is wonderful but especially good in business class.  They all seem to really enjoy their jobs.   Or maybe it was the Mumm’s champagne they were serving.  No, seriously, it is one of the most attentive and best airline we have been on in a very long time.   Delta was a huge disappointment but that was only a 2 1/2 hour flight.Image


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