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So Close


We are so close to home!   Spent last night at Pt. Ludlow and enjoyed at great dinner at my ‘old’ bank friend Rhonda’s and her husband Jess’ home.   It was a great last night out!   We will be home today sometime which will be day 50 of our trip.

Our last week on the water was once again full of great calm water.  It also was a change of sorts in that we spent time at marinas, went out to eat a couple times and had electricity on docks for several days.   Trust me, you non-boaters, sometimes that is a really big deal!

We spent one night in Pender Harbor at Fisherman’s Marina which is very friendly and a nice place to stay.  We walked to the Garden Bay Pub and Restaurant for dinner which was pretty average of less and really really bad service.  We will cross it off our list, for sure.

The next night was Poet’s Cove Marina which was jammed packed full of boats and it seemed like every one had 2 or more dogs and 4 or more kids.  Talk about a shock to the system after so much time with no one around!  I do recommend the Pub food here, though.  The restaurant chef gave a demo on how to shuck oysters and somehow he talked me into eating a raw one.  I survived.

It was an 8.5 mile run from Poet’s Cove to Roche Harbor to clear U.S. Customs and then we went a couple miles to Garrison Bay to spend mores time with the Landes and Sandpiper was there, too.  That was on Saturday morning.   Sunday was Bill Lande’s birthday so Gar cooked one of his ‘healthy’ Sunday brunches for Bill.  I think it was the first time any of us had seen a birthday candle in a sausage patty.

We took off Monday morning at 6:20 to get across the Straits of Juan de Fuca before the wind kicked up.  It was OK water – not good, not bad – which means I was happy to get across all of our big waters this summer with no problems.


Round rocks at Roller Bay

So I am sitting, drinking coffee, typing, listening to Seattle radio for news and realizing I forgot to tell someone to turn our hot water tank back on.  I am happy to be almost home despite the mile high pile of laundry to be done.  It has been a great trip.   Now, if I was a good blogger I would sit down soon and post some pictures since I was not able to do this along the way.  We will see!



2 thoughts on “So Close

  1. Welcome Home !!! Missed you : )

  2. If Garry would quit spilling your laundry problem would go away. Lol Glad you made it home safely. See you in September

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