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Potty Break (Broke)

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Poor Garry.  He worked for 8 hours yesterday and was finally able to get the main head working – with help and advice from Simon and Bill.  The ultimate problem was low batteries so things didn’t get pumped all the way through the accumulator tank and so things just kept accumulating until everything stopped.  By 5:30 that night we were once again functional!  Whew!!

We had a great night of crab dip appetizers and other gourmet treats on the Sandpiper.  Mickey and Maureena from Mom’s Toy stopped by later to say hi.  They have been in Sullivan Bay a few days already and head elsewhere tomorrow, too.

We are spending one more day here at Sullivan Bay and the Bryants are hanging with us so we can do some more work on the boat.   One of the things was getting head #2 operational again.   Bill was able to do that in a short time with a coat hanger.

I have been laundry and more laundry – especially after the messy work done yesterday.

It is an absolutely gorgeous day again up here.  I enjoyed my coffee and some computer time this morning as a large group of dolphins went swimming by.

Tomorrow we are heading out and will have some cell phone and texting.  Haven’t had that in awhile!  Then on to Pt. Hardy and BullHarbor for some fishing


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