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You Be The Judge

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Has Garry been dethroned as King of Prawning?  You be the judge.  Is the criteria quantity or quality?  Number of empty pots or at least something in each pot?  An interesting dilemma.

 First, it must be acknowledged that prawning/shrimping has been much more challenging this year than in previous years.   We have heard the commercial prawners did not have a good season either.

 Ramsey Arm was the first place an attempt was made to start filling the freezer.   Garry’s 4 pots (2 strings with 2 pots on each string) came up with a big fat “zero’.   Simon waited until day 2 to put his pots out (2 single pots) and came home with an impressive 12.  So Simon strikes first.  And they were a nice size 12.   Garry’s second pull netted 97 in one pot and 9 in the other.   So by numbers he is the leader.  The last pulls at Ramsey were sadly lacking.   Garry ended up with 46 and Simon with 9.  Again, Simon’s were larger.

 Leaving Ramsey Arm, the next place we could try prawning was up Loughborough Inlet (pronounced lock-burro).  Garry put two pots out on the first day and netted a paltry 26 but they were a nice size.  Simon again patiently waited a day and put one pot out.   He hauled in an impressive six (6) very large prawns.   When Garry pulled his pots at the same time, one pot was completely empty and the other had three (3) prawns.  Lots of sad faces that night on the boats.

 Pulling the pots the morning we left Loughborough, Simon had another six (6) large prawns and Garry had one empty pot and one pot with only three (3) again.

 Today Gar tried his luck off of Minstrel Island.  Simon again was holding back to see how Garry did.  Well, while pulling the string of 2 pots there was a malfunction/mishandling of the pot puller by one of the two (both are pointing the finger at each other) and both pots were lost.   Not only is that not good news, Garry swears there were lots of prawns in them.

 And what about crabbing?   Last year Garry did not get one single crab, so everything would be better than that, right?  Last year Simon and Yvonne gave us ‘pity crab’ because they were catching lots.    Well, mabe Garry should learn that it helps if you put your pot in the water!

 We anchored one night in ???? bay (Simon says keep it secret!)  and Simon put his crab pot out.  His first check of it there was nothing to see so Garry decided not to bother.  Simon kept his out and got nine (9!) nice male crab.   Garry was out fishing when he pulled his pot so it was time to play a trick on Garry.   Simon asked him to look and see if his crab was legal size and male or female waiting for Garry’s ‘eyes to bug out of his head’ when he saw what he (Simon) got.  His eyes did bug out but we weren’t staying any longer and it was too late to put out the pot so I think there is going to be a challenge coming soon when we get into crabbing spots!  Especially since we got rid of our unlucky pot this winter and have a new one that has doors that glow in the dark.  Wow, I bet that really will entice those crabbies!


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