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No competition here between the guys.   They are constantly egging each other on about who will get the biggest fish (none are big this year, so it is the biggest little fish), the first fish, the most prawns – anything.

 I made a promise to post to the blog about Simon’s big win over Garry.  I believe the bet was who had the most prawns on the first pull at Greenway Sound.  Even though Garry had the most prawns overall for the day, Simon won the first pull bet.  Simon got a whopping eight (8!) prawns.  Really BIG ones if you listen to him.  Garry got a paltry two.   Pretty sad that there was money bet on such a poor showing but it was only a dollar.  Garry scrounged around until he found as many pennies as he could so he could pay off his debt.  Better yet, most of the pennies were Canadian.  Simon did not even mind that.  He just loves having bragging rights over Garry!

 Postscript –  Prawning has picked up some.  Bill Bryant has caught the most but his pot captures the smaller ones that we call salad shrimp.   Garry is in second place but his are much larger and Simon is lagging back but his are really BIG.  Just ask him.


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