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Man, have I been lazy about writing anything at all about the trip this year.  We have stayed at no places since day three of the trip at Powell River and then again at Minstrel Island where there is decent wifi and the only time I get it on my Verizon do-hickey it doesn’t stick around long enough for me to do much posting.   The signal is so bizarre at times that I can sometimes read a few emails and a little Facebook and then it is gone.   My cell phone texting has been better than expected, but very few places we can make phone calls.    But without the incentive of having decent wifi I have not bothered to even try to remember much of the days.   Besides, they are all kind of a blur… boats, water, trees, wind, sun.  Oh, and food.

Since last posting we have been to Minstrel Island 4 nights, Karlukwees (the Indian Village) two nights, Wahkana Bay two nights and I am writing this on day two at Greenway Sound.  It is Thursday the 25th.  We will be here a few more days, then somewhere else a few days, then Sullivan Bay on the 29th (where I will have wifi and will post this, I hope!).

Strange summer so far.  Places we have never missed in years that we have not been to this year are Cordero Lodge, which has been sold , Sydney Bay float in Loughborough Inlet and Pierre’s at Echo Bay.   We may make it to Pierre’s on our way back down but are not even sure of that yet.

This past Saturday our granddaughter, Demie, flew into Lagoon Cove where we picked her up and got her to the Indian Village in time for the annual bonfire and garbage burning and the 2nd Annual Karlukwees Open.  This year we even had impressive trophies for the first 3 places.  The big winner was Bill Bryant, 2nd place again this year was Simon and there was a tie for 3rd place between yours truly and Gord Dayley.

Clamming was great at the Indian Village but no crab again this year.  We did not try prawning at all.

The Bryants were going to Pt. McNeil and Malcolm Island to take Gord back and do some work on friend’s boats so we towed the Animal (their tender) for a couple days and they caught up with us at Greenway Sound.

We are having typical Broughton Islands weather.  Fog and low clouds in the morning and clearing in the afternoons.  It is not cold and we have been able to get some kayaking in which is the extent of our exercise.  We had some heavy drizzle at the Indian Village but basically no rain at all. This is the first year I am glad we brought a lot of food from home!   The fishing has been not so good – no salmon yet-just some bottom fish.  Prawning is bad.   No crab.  Clams and oysters have been the best bet so far.


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